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Simple Green Energy Solutions Every Home Can Use to save the environment

Green energy is affordable, environmentally beneficial and easy to implement in any home around the world.

By hashan tagariPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Green energy is affordable, environmentally beneficial and easy to implement in any home around the world. It doesn't matter where you live, your income, or even your skill level. The techniques provided in this article will help anyone make simple changes in their lives to benefit from green energy.

  • Be a better consumer of energy, and cut your home energy usage by unplugging your electronic chargers when they are not in use. All the chargers you use for mp3 players, cell phones, laptops and any other devices draw in some charge when they're plugged in and aren't being used.
  • If you clean your dishes using a dishwasher, refrain from doing a load until the dishwasher is full of words. No matter how many dishes you have in there, it still uses the same level of energy. When you do operate your dishwasher, be sure to make use of the energy-saving feature, which air-dries your dishes.
  • Remember that solar panels, whether you install them on your roof or anywhere else on your property, must be angled toward the sun to receive maximum exposure. In the Northern Hemisphere, this means facing them south with an angle of latitude plus fifteen degrees. Otherwise, your investment will not return as much energy as you hope.
  • Insulate your home. A pre-1950 home that isn't insulated will use approximately 60 per cent more energy than a house built after 2000. Adding sufficient insulation to your attic and basement will significantly improve your home's energy efficiency. As well as keeping you warm in the winter, you will find that the home remains much more relaxed in the summer months, reducing the need for an air conditioner.
  • When you plan a solar system for your home, try calculating what the energy generation of your system will be when you use hours worth of sun in the winter. This will ensure that you are not caught short during winter and excess during the summer. Be sure to get a net-usage plan with the energy company so that you can earn money from them when you put the surplus energy onto their grid.
  • To help you improve the green energy efficiency of your home, consider installing solar panels in your home. Solar panels are a good source of renewable energy and can be installed at a relatively low cost. Also, you will reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and other forms of unsustainable energy.
  • It is easy to find the initiative to make your house greener when you consider the many tax refunds currently offered for energy-efficient improvements. Be sure to keep all receipts about such improvements as the U.S. government presently lets homeowners deduct costs for everything from new windows to storm doors to furnaces and insulation.
  • Think about installing natural gas in your home as opposed to other sources of power. Methane is the same fuel produced by cows and in landfills and is one of the cleanest burning gasses available on the market. It is a very green choice when deciding on your energy needs.
  • Monitor your electricity consumption watt by watt. Use gadgets like the Watt Minder and the Kill-A-Watt so that you can discover what uses the most energy. Plug the appliance into the device, and it can tell you the amount of energy it uses within an hour, month, or even a year. You'll be able to calculate how much each appliance costs you in electricity and replace those which are power hogs.
  • Use rechargeable batteries instead of regular ones. Batteries are harmful to the environment if not recycled properly: you can reduce the number of batteries that need recycling by using the same ones for a long time. Invest in a good brand and get a battery charging device to power your children's toys and other appliances.
  • Use the weight of your car to save gas while you are driving. You can increase the miles per gallon of your vehicle by reducing your gas pedal and your brake. Stop accelerating at least one-eighth of a mile before each stop and cut down on fuel usage.
  • Don't use your dishwasher until you have a full load. Make sure your dishwasher is full before using it because it takes the same amount of water and energy to wash a full load as it does half a load. Use the shortest cycle possible. If you can, turn the dishwasher off before the drying cycle, opening the door. This allows the dishes to air dry.
  • Harnessing the incredible power of the wind can reduce the cost of supplying energy to your home by as much as 90%. Ensure your town or city does not have been zoning restrictions against wind turbines, and check with a professional first to make sure there is enough room on your property to accommodate the size of the necessary equipment.
  • When you can, take showers rather than baths. Running a bath uses up to 40% more water than a shower does, which means more energy is being used, and your water bill will skyrocket. If you insist on using a bath, let it fill up and then turn the water off.
  • Green energy is great to have in any home and can save you a lot on electrical bills that can seem to add up over months. Another great thing about investing in green technology is that you can use it as a tax write-off to get more back come tax season.
  • A straightforward way to update your home with green technology is to install solar panels. These can help decrease the amount of energy you use and save you some money. Not to mention, they are not extremely expensive and are easy to install. There are even some government incentives for updating your home with solar panels.

This article is a gold mine for anyone who wishes to change their lives to take advantage of the benefits of green energy. Everything you've read here will help you make simple adjustments within your own home, leading to rewards you couldn't have imagined. Take the time to start today!

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