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Share Your Articles Using Facebook Groups

by Denise Larkin 2 years ago in social media
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A list of Facebook groups for writers

Share Your Articles Using Facebook Groups
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Using Facebook Groups

A great way to share your writing is with Facebook groups. I use them all the time, so I thought I would share which ones I use. It’s one of the best ways to get your work out there. I find I get a lot of traffic to my blogs when I share my articles in a Facebook group.

Before joining a Facebook group it is best to read the rules so you know what you should post and what you shouldn’t post there. I always make sure I am familiar with the rules before I click the joining button.

I have been asked which Facebook groups I use, so I thought I would share the names and links of each group I use.

Facebook groups are easy to find and join. All you have to do is type a topic in the search line on Facebook and titles of groups will pop up under the ‘groups’ section. I have two groups set up for article and book sharing, and countless others that I use on a regular basis.

Here are the Facebook groups I find useful and the rules are also below:

Share Your Writing & Writers and Bloggers

If you are a writer/author or a Blogger, then you can share your articles in this group. If you write articles online for a website or a magazine or a newspaper or even on your own blog, then you can share your work here. You can even share your books here for everyone to see. Also, if you have something interesting that relates to writing in any way, then please share it here. Interesting and helpful YouTube videos about writing or novel writing are also welcome.

Blogging Bliss

Feel free to Blog your Amazing Articles here and to invite your blogging friends to the Group! However, beware of common sense posting rules of No Spam and rigorous Posting! ie advertising.

English Writers

Only English posts allowed in this Facebook group. No other languages allowed. A member should take responsibility for his/her post. Only articles and books shared in this group. Videos are not allowed, however, audios with English subtitles are allowed. Any post containing just a link will not be approved. Posts containing no attachments will be deleted. If you include a link please provide it with a sufficient description of your link. When promoting your poetry book mention that it is written by you.

Publish or Perish

A place to share your published works of all kinds, whether it is an eBook, poems, articles online, blog posts, or a new piece of art you want to show off. Please feel free to share it and let others know about it.

If you are a writer, a blogger, or an author, then you can share your articles and your books in this group. You can, also, share anything about new websites that are looking for writers. In order for you to post here, we ask that you share a post that’s already in the feed on the Facebook wall.

You can also share your books or any type of fiction that you have written. You can share your non-fiction books here too.

Blogging Anarchy

A blogging group with no rules, total anarchy and general chaos.

Membership benefits include - share your posts and social media links on the wall whenever you feel like it (no threads), random tips about blogging, widespread procrastination, graphic design pointers, and uncontrolled swearing.

Let’s Blog Together

This group has many members. It is for blogs or page likes if you have a blog page. ZERO COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING is allowed in this group.

The author writes about her experience with writing and blogging and other topics! She is also a Fiction Author.

Blogging Network

Blogging Network is created to connect bloggers of different genres with each other. A platform for cosmopolitans, for interested and curious people who like to communicate and share topics, opinions and trends in a stylish and open-minded manner. We are happy to welcome a bunch of new faces and blogs in our group. This group is a large one. No advertising allowed in this group just sharing of articles.

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