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Room Design Ideas to Brighten Up Your Dark Room

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By Shivam DuttaPublished 11 months ago 4 min read

Room Design Ideas to Brighten Up Your Dark Room : Is it possible to brighten up a dark room even if your house is not endowed with natural light? Yes, just use these innovative ideas and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Bright and airy spaces always give peace and energy to our minds. Renovating and decorating your room is a great idea to bring life to your dull and plain space, but implementing ideas can get confusing.

Natural lights and bright colors actually impact your mood, sleeping patterns and digestion by regulating melatonin hormones. Here we bring some easy and affordable ways to add that spark and cheer to the rooms.

1. Using multiple light sources

Multiple light sources for properly illuminated rooms are significant to add more light and life to your space. You can have a different lighting plan for each room of the house.

Just like bright floor lamps and sconces in bedrooms can add more light to your large rooms.

Similarly, chandelier hangings from the ceiling in living rooms can add more brightness. Dangling a low-hanging pendant light over dining tables can add an unexpected layer of luster and beauty to your space. These days many styles are trending like atomic lights, clustered light.

2. Mirror and reflection

The strategic placement of mirrors also brightens up dark rooms because they reflect natural light when placed opposite windows and other sources. You can also add up glowing mirrors for more reflections and light.

3. Add white and light shades of paint.

One of the best ways to make your room bright and peaceful is by adding more and more white color. It could be shades of white like bedspreads, sofa upholstery and lamp shades suiting the theme of the house. White color reflects and enhances any artificial or natural light.

Another alternative to white is light and grey-toned neutral shades that feel airy and cozy.

4. Flooring

Always remember the floor beneath your feet can set the tone for the entire space.

Flooring is yet another way of illuminating the room. Let it be bright or light in color.Dark floors absorb most of the light, thus making your room feel even smaller.

5. Setting your Ceiling

If you want to add an unexpected element to your dull room, the ceiling is the perfect spot to give a chance. A glossy ceiling reflects light well, making your room brighter. If you want to make it more airy and spacious, remember to set your ceiling height high, giving more space for the light to bounce back. The ceiling can be adorned with wallpaper or glossy paint which highlights the look of the room.

6. Spacious furniture

Choose furniture with a lean look and slim lines instead of dull and bulky furniture that hinders the light from flowing around the space.

Prefer to use mirrored, glossy, and marbled furniture to reflect more light in the room. Proper placement can also add up more brightness, keep in mind the direction from where natural light falls, and avoid placing heavy and bulky furniture near the light source that can block the path for light to enter.

If you really want to take light seriously then why not go for ‘see-through’ furniture which allows light to move flawlessly, giving your house a very airy feel!

7.Windows and curtains

Windows are the primary source of natural light to your room. Limiting light by adding heavy and oversized furniture and dark drapes is not advisable if you want a bright room. Remember to keep window sills clear to banish shadows and clean your windows to have clear and bright light entering your room.

Instead, opt for light-shade curtains made of lighter fabric that do not obstruct the open window and can bring in more light.

8.Accessories and gallery walls

Mindful selection of some smallest things can also work magically to brighten up your space.

Use metallic and reflective accessories like copper plant pots and marble candle holders to add more value to your room.

Large-sized paintings are also one of the best ideas to give your room the perception of more space.

Adding bright-colored gallery art to a white background wall can enhance your space.

So these were some easy tips and tricks that will surely help you in making the room look brighter and bigger. Idesign has more beautiful ideas to lighten your mood and brighten your space. Follow our website if you are looking to transform an ordinary house into a beautifully decorated and well-planned home!

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