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Reminders Of Him Colleen Hoover Book Review

by Mehedi Hasan Shawon 4 months ago in book reviews
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Reminders Of Him Colleen Hoover Book Review
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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Some things happen to see the truth, to confuse the characters into some impossible fantasies, and to make them grow, adapt, and become good people. One of Colin Hoover's most powerful novels is "Reminders of Him". This is a book which can make you fall in love with it.

The story revolves around the events of kindness, forgiveness, love, and redemption and how a mother becomes a part of her child's life.

The story begins, albeit with an intense and barbaric truth. Yet every word Hover writes is arranged in such a way that the writer ascends to the pinnacle of his popularity and the remnants of the wording remain in the minds of the readers.

Even though they go back, they shed tears for the sake of the story. The story goes that Kenna Rowan, who was her only child, was sentenced to five years in prison by a faulty mother for one of her tragic mistakes.

This is a remarkable book of all time. I would strongly suggest you read this book. It has a great power to influence our minds.

Determined to reclaim the daughter she’s never even held in her arms, Kenna is back in town that would always view her as a villain. Somehow he makes a living by doing a low-paying job and lives in a shack where there is not even a bed to sleep on.

The girl has been going through hard days for the past five long years and is waiting for a beautiful night that will happen in her life.

But the Kenna girl is not disappointed with her mother's child, who will give her unconditional love even if she is willing to do whatever it takes to be her strength. He knows that he may have to endure a mountain of hardships to get it

There are some things I want to be good at. I want to be a good mother. Especially the good mother of the daughter, whom I have already brought into the world. I want to cultivate it in my backyard.

Plants that will never die due to lack of water. I want to learn how to talk to people. I want to be emotional when a man touches my waist. I want to enjoy my life very much.

Kenna seemed strong to him after meeting Lager Ward, and he felt the same way about the girl. The attraction between them had already increased a lot but after knowing all the information about the girl, Laser started imagining her impossible.

Kenna wanted to take away the little girl she loved the most. Because he could not forget the bitter experience of the past five long years.

The man began to imagine that the presence of the little girl among them would bring down a lot of sorrow in their lives. I don't like people who I dislike very much but I think about them very much.

It doesn't matter if the mother is perfect or not. It doesn't even depend on whether he is too big or too small, too small in the past, or too wrong. If a mother wants to see her child she can see her child, even once.

Colin Hover wrote the story with very experienced hands. His vocabulary is very fluent and tidy. But the main attraction of the story revolves around Kenna, whose story evokes laughter, tears, joy, and pain in our minds.

By Ben White on Unsplash

Reading the story, it would seem that you have never met a sad girl like Kenna before. The story reveals everything at once - such as family, love, and romance. It revolves around Kenna. Everyone should read this beautiful novel. I would highly recommend you to read the book.

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