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Reasons For Blocked Drains And How To Prevent Them

by Anna Wrench 2 years ago in house
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Some Reasons and Prevention's for Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be a nightmare if not fixed with immediate effect. Drains are supposed to get rid of the waste or used water to maintain the hygiene of your home. A house contains many such drainage points mainly the sink, washrooms, toilets, that helps to get rid of used, dirty, or bathwater.

When the drainage's get blocked, not only the dirty water accumulates in the bathroom or sinks, sometimes dirty water resurfaces from the drainage. There are various risks due to blocked drains like bad odour and the uncleanliness can cause health issues, and may also create electrical circuit problems.

Some Reasons and Prevention's

Though the blocked drains can cause serious issues there are some easy tips with the help of which one can prevent drains from blocking. And if at all over the time, the drainages do get blocked, one can use some easy household methods with the help of which they can unblock the drainage and keep the dirty water flowing.

In this article, some basic reasons are mentioned due to which the drainages can get blocked also some preventive measures are mentions that can be followed to avoid blocked drains.

• Hair

The most common problem of blocked drains is human hair and fur. They are particularly bad because these can knot up, and attach itself to parts of the drain. Most bathtubs, bathrooms, or sinks can get blocked due to hair.

Prevention: It is better to use hair strainer and get plumbing cleaned once a while. All these will not allow hair to get knot up in the plumbing thus preventing blockage.

• Soaps, detergents

Soaps or detergents contain some chemicals that may stick to the pipes internally. This process will take time but when the drainages would get blocked as the diameter of pipes reduces due to soap coating especially laundry drainages.

Preventions: using a chemical free soap and pressure washing the drainage pipes frequently.

• Food particles or dirt

This type of reason is quite common for kitchen skin blocked drains. Small bits of vegetables, bones, and other food particles can cause a great issue with kitchen sinks. Also though it is obvious that drainages are supposed to wash the dirt away, this dirt when combined with soap, hair and others clog the drainage blocking it.

Prevention: for the kitchen sink always use a small sink strainer the particles will get accumulated in the strainer which one can throw away after the work is done. This will allow only water to flow from the kitchen aink keeping the drains free from blockage.

• Diapers, tissues, cotton swabs, wipes, pads or tampons

Though not very common, these things can add up to the persisting problems. Many of us discard all the above mentioned things directly into a commode, but the tissues and toilet papers can cause major problems for commodes.

Prevention: make sure that the toilet paper used is not a quilted one, also see to it that nothing else is flushed other than human wastes and genuine toilet paper.

• Other reasons for blocked drains

All the above reasons were kind of human errors but, sometimes there might be some other facts which have to be considered like,

• Aged pipes or old plumbing,

• Roots of trees penetrating in pipes

• Leaf fall in spring and so on

Prevention: Get regular pipe and plumbing check-up to avoid the future mess of dealing with blocked drains. Keep the drainage cover enclosed so that the leaves do not fall in and get the drainage block.

However, if at all after applying all the basic methods if the drainages are still blocked, it is advisable to get professional help. There are plumbing services available where expert and experienced plumbers can deal with any type of blocked drains.


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