Quarantine in Hawaii

Here is a list of places that you can go if you are quarantined in Hawaii from 9/12/2020 through 9/23/2020

Quarantine in Hawaii
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Hello Consumers,

Just as a disclaimer:

*****Please wear a mask if you are going to venture outside of your home and keep social distancing of 6 feet or more.*****

This information is brought to you by Keoki Nunies on 9/12/2020.

Today, since our roommate a couple of days ago decided that he was going to give us back all the games that we ever purchased along with all the games that we ever purchased for them, yes he decided for everyone who he is associated with that they will not benefit from us any longer, because of a gross misunderstanding, my wife and I decided to pack up all the GameStop Xbox games and Savers Xbox games to go and try and see if we can get some sort of CASH or Credit. We put the games and an Xbox One S into a bag and drove to Pearl Ridge Mall thinking that the Pearl Ridge GameStop was opened. I thought that they were open because when I called them, on their answering machine they stated that all their associates were busy. When we arrived the lights were off but you could hear some sort of people in the back of the store blasting the music. The challenge was that we parked all the way in downtown and GameStop was in uptown more than a football field in distance uphill.

After all this shenanigans, I realized that all that walking made me hungry.

There were some places in the food-court in downtown that was opened as well as the surrounding areas:


Rainbow Drive-Inn


The popcorn stand, I really could not tell you the name.

Of course, we decided not to eat in any of these places since there are no places to sit and eat. The only safe place that came to my mind that I could sit and eat was at my mother and father's house or to just sit and eat in the car.

We ended up at Big City Diner in across the street from Pearl Ridge. Here I ordered the Pulehu Steak, onions, mushroom, and white rice with mixed veggies. My wife ordered the Patti Melt and bread pudding.

The manager and cook were probably the only two people in the restaurant and she was delighted to be working alone. I must say that I give her credit by taking ownership and working. She could have easily quit and worked from home doing some other business to survive. During COVID-19, people all over the world are torn from going to work or quitting. I know a 21 year old lady who quit her job in Wailua because she felt that they manager did not comply with social distancing guidelines. It seems that even managers are putting themselves in harms way for greedy companies. *****Please note- Big City Diner is not one of them.**** In fact, I give them props for remaining open and providing quality food for a reasonable price in times like these. In fact, they helped me to realize that the even though quarantine can be hell they can provide a sense of love and compassion for their customers.

Other places that are open:

Wholefoods in Aiea



Don Quixotes



Apparently, Ben Franklin are open.

Beside looking at places you can go from now until 9/23/2020, you can see that there are a number of things you can do while in quarantine.


Make candles.

Mold bath-bombs.

Create soaps.

Design your own facial scrubs.

Write a short story.

Write a novel.


Do your Homework.

Clean out your closet.

Cook a dish that you have never cooked before.

*****PLEASE NOTE- I am not encouraging you to go to any of the places listed in this post. This post is merely to provide information that can help you to find the essential places that you may need to go.*****


Thank you so much for reading,

Keoki Nalu Nunies

Keoki Nalu Nunies, M.B.A., M.A.
Keoki Nalu Nunies, M.B.A., M.A.
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