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Property Staging Your Kitchen - 3 Helpful Tips

Staging your kitchen effectively is important for a quick sale so get advice from leading professionals

By Life and ChatPublished 10 months ago 3 min read
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Property staging should be done throughout your property but a key area to focus on is definitely your kitchen space. The reasons for this are fairly obvious; the kitchen is one of the key areas of the home for many and one of those areas of the home that people want to be perfect. If your kitchen doesn’t look easy to live in or it looks dirty, then potential buyers can be easily put off. This post hopes to give you tips on how best to sell your kitchen as a perfect space for buyers to help you sell your home quickly. As we always say, it’s about making your property look good to potential buyers so you need to be constantly aware of their needs and what they will see in your property. Any imperfections or bad feelings your home presents can be difficult to overcome so it pays to go the extra mile when trying to sell your property.

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  • Clean, clean and clean again. The kitchen is obviously a place that sees a lot of use in the home and it can be a place where smells, marks and dirt build up. These will not appeal to any buyers and will instantly mark your home down so it pays to give your kitchen a thorough cleaning and replace any broken door knobs and other features. Cutting boards and other tools in the kitchen that show clear cut marks will need to be replaced. Cleaning is a particular problem in homes that have a lot of metal assets. While these look impressive when shiny and clean, they show marks and fingerprints far clearer than on stone or wood so you need to be more careful and prioritise making those surfaces and appliances sparkle. The flipside of this is if you are extra diligent, you will be rewarded with nicer looking surfaces that will be more appealing to buyers. In terms of smells, a common trick is to bake cookies or similar baked goods on the day as these make the kitchen smell homely and wonderful. However, air fresheners are a fairly safe bet as well. You just need something to reset the kitchen smell.
  • Clear your countertops. As always, you need to ensure that your home doesn’t look too lived-in and that it is comfortable for your end client. Therefore, clear your countertops of any rubbish, small appliances and general cooking tools where possible. This just allows the kitchen to speak for itself more and space is key to buyers in a kitchen so showcasing more space and accessibility will be of great benefit to selling your home quickly.
  • Improve your lighting. Lighting, as we’ve discussed before, is key to creating the right environment for your home and in somewhere as intimate and personal as the kitchen, your lighting has to be up to date. This means making sure the features are modern and that the light they give off is white rather than yellow. This will help make the kitchen feel more alive and the light feels more natural. Popular modern features mostly centre around hanging elements but a setup I personally like is using accent lights to emphasise your features. This includes light such as under and over cabinet lighting which can be really impactful if you have beautiful wooden cabinets.

Staging your property can feel like a big investment of time and money but if you tackle it a room at a time, you can really improve the attractiveness of your property and promote a quick sale. It’s all about taking it one step at a time and keeping the end client in the back of your mind at all times. The kitchen is a key area you’ll want to spend an extra bit of time in as it does have such an impact on potential buyers. We hope you found this useful.


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