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Plan A Family Weekend Break in Stratford-upon-Avon

by Jenny Clarke 3 months ago in travel

Planning family holidays can be stressful. Therefore, a family trip should always be pre-planned regardless of whether it is a small family or a big one.

Plan A Family Weekend Break in Stratford-upon-Avon
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A family trip should always be planned while keeping in mind the convenience of all the family's age-groups. A pre-planned trip helps one maintain a limited budget, which is beneficial for families having numerous members.A planned trip will also save time, since the places to be visited, the vehicles to be boarded, and the hotel to be stayed at, all of it shall be decided beforehand. Therefore, one can make the most of a family trip only if it is pre-planned. When it comes to choosing a place for a family trip, it is better to go for a location that offers versatile recreations. And one such place worth taking a family trip to is Stratford upon Avon.

The place is famous as ‘the birthplace of England’s greatest playwright and poet, William Shakespeare.’ However, many tourists are unaware that this Riverside town is very welcoming of family trips.So listed below are few recreations to indulge in if one wishes to make the most of weekend breaks Stratford upon Avon –

• Take long walks –The town abounds in natural beauty, therefore parking the car and taking long walks in the evening is recommendable. Since most tourist attractions are located in and around the central part of the town, it is easily reachable. The parking lot at Stratford Marina(specifically Bridge foot) amounts to £4 for an entire day. Therefore one can easily park the car there and hike along the river banks, watch boats and feed some ducks by the riverside. Multiple guides offer entertaining and informative guide walks across the town, so one can hire them to uplift the walking experience through the city.

• Visit the ‘Stratford upon Avon Butterfly Farm’ –The UK’s‘ largest tropical butterfly paradise’ is located in Stratford upon Avon. Here, one can find 250 different species of ‘tropical butterflies’ and encounter ‘creepy crawlies.' One will need around 90 minutes of slow and steady observation to enjoy butterflies' view moving about the ‘tropical flight area’ and eating fresh fruits. One can also feed the fish, acquire information about the life cycle of butterflies and again watch the resident Iguanas. One should also not miss the ‘leaf cutter ants’ who hang on the rope placed right above a visitor's head at ‘Mini Beast Metropolis.'

• Book a ‘scenic cruise’ down River Avon –The cruise offers a 45-minute long ride, with a glimpse of‘Canal basin,' ‘Royal Shakespeare Theatre’ and'Holy Trinity Church.' The tour guide on the boats is amiable.

• Visit the ‘RSC Tower Top’–The tower top gives an aesthetic overview of the town, whose height is 36 meters. One can either take the stairs to get to the top or take the lift. One is also allowed to carry their pushchairs to the top.

• Get creative in the mechanical art and design museum. It is ‘UK’s only mechanical art museum,' therefore when in Stratford upon Avon, one should not leave the opportunity of visiting this place and invoke the engineer, inventor, and scientist within oneself. The Museum takes pride in having convinced the 'kids to put down their remote controls and be more hands-on,' a motive that the Museum completely fulfills. The machines and eccentric artworks and gadgets are made from homely and random objects like gizmos, kitchen pots, and pans. All the items have different operation modes, which excites the visitor and engages them in figuring it out.

• An interview with Shakespeare's relics –One can never make the most of weekend breaks Stratford upon Avon unless one visits historical buildings comprising Shakespeare's relics. Also, there are various ‘Shakespeare themed events’ that the RSC organizes, and one can participate in them based on the age groups.They conduct mixed ‘arts and crafts’ activities, where one can take up the attire of a Shakespearean character and take part.However, at RSC, the exhibit keeps changing pretty frequently, which means that some exhibits might be ‘family-friendly’ whereas some might not be so.

• Discover the additional feature of Holy Trinity Church–Apart from visiting the church for glancing at Shakespeare's grave and the church itself now, there is another reason to see the church. The church offers an exciting experience to its visitors. The church gate welcomes visitors with posters that say ‘whether you are looking for Pokemon, Shakespeare or Jesus, all are found at Holy Trinity.' This means that one can play Pokemon Go with their kids on the very holy grounds of Trinity. The church is also famous for conducting weddings, and anyone would want to get married in the historical setting rather than selecting from the wedding venues near Stratford Upon Avon.

The scenic beauty of the town, along with its historical lineage, is why not only tourists but also wedding planners are choosing it as the destination wedding for their clients. The wedding venues near Stafford upon Avon offer affordable food and lodging packages for the wedding attendees.

Jenny Clarke
Jenny Clarke
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