Picking the Best Mattress

There are several tips you can use to help ensure you choose the right mattress for your needs.

Picking the Best Mattress

It doesn’t matter if you are shopping in the local strip mall or watching the evening news, the chances of running into someone trying to sell you a new mattress is high. There is no question that when it comes to options, there’s no shortage of mattresses. Due to all these options, you may become overwhelmed when trying to figure out which option is right for you.

If you suffer from neck or back pain, this decision is even more important. After all, if you choose the wrong mattress, it may result in you spending day after day uncomfortable and in pain. While this is true, there are several tips you can use to help ensure you choose the right mattress for your needs.

Research Online First

There are more than a few resources online when it comes time to shop for a mattress. Take some time to research the options online before going shopping. This is going to give you a general idea of what to look for and what features will best support your sleeping style and the specific needs that you have.

Discuss Your Needs with Your Doctor

If you are dealing with any type of health condition, talk to your doctor or your physical therapist before going shopping to see what they recommend. While a doctor may not be a mattress expert, they can help you look for features or options that will help your medical condition or the symptoms that you have.

Avoid Falling for the Gimmicks

The goal of mattress sellers is to sell mattresses. If you look into the history of beds, you will discover that gimmicky language has always been used in an effort to sell more and make a mattress seem more appealing than it may be. For example, you may see mattresses that are labeled as “medically-approved” or “orthopedic.” What you need to understand is that there are not any medical organizations that certify mattresses to carry this type of label. While the mattress may feature orthopedic-friendly design features, there’s no medical organization that has actually verified this.

Try the Mattress before You Buy

If you are ready to purchase a new mattress, make sure you lie down on it for about 10 to 15 minutes. You should not feel self-conscious nor do you need to let the salesperson try to hurry you along. This is a big purchase and a rather large investment. If you don’t try out the mattress for at least 10 minutes before you buy it, you won’t get a feel for it. If you have a partner you sleep with, you need to try the mattress together.

Firm Mattresses Aren’t Always the Most Back-Friendly Option

While you may assume that a firm or hard mattress is the best option for your back, this isn’t always the case. In fact, research has proven that a smart option for someone with lower back pain is to choose a mattress with medium firmness, rather than one that is firm. Keep in mind, there is also a difference between firm feel and firm support. You want to find a mattress that has firm support and a comfortable feel. You will have to determine the comfort level that is right for you.

Pillow Tops Aren’t a Smart Option for Everyone

If you are lightweight, you won’t need a thick pillow top mattress. That’s because you don’t weigh enough to actually compress the foam or to even impact the support or coil system under the padding. However, when someone is heavier or larger, they will usually feel more comfortable with a bit more cushion between their body and the mattress coils.

Adjustable Beds Are a Smart Option

If you find that you feel more comfortable when you are sitting in a recliner than when you are lying in a bed, consider an adjustable bed. With this option, you can elevate your knees and head, which will help to relieve the pressure on the lower portion of your back. If you don’t have the funds for an adjustable bed, you can achieve the same results with a traditional mattress and pillows.

Ask the Seller About Trial Periods or Comfort Guarantees Before Buying

There are some locations that will provide you with a comfort guarantee. Make sure that you ask about this before you make a purchase. If this is offered by the seller, be sure you understand the details, such as if you must pay for the shipping of the mattress, if it guarantees money-back or an exchange, and if you have to return the mattress within a specific period of time.

Finding the Right Mattress

If you want to ensure your comfort throughout the night, then finding the right mattress that is comfortable and supportive is a must. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to help guide your decision and ultimately choose a mattress that provides you with the support that you need and deserve to get a great night’s sleep and to feel well-rested when you wake up in the morning. Being informed will help ensure you purchase the right mattress.

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