Pay Attention to These Signs That Say Your Driving Skills Are Declining!

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Do you often become a victim of bumps and crashes? Are there a lot of missed turns and speeding cases against you

Pay Attention to These Signs That Say Your Driving Skills Are Declining!

Do you often become a victim of bumps and crashes? Are there a lot of missed turns and speeding cases against you? Then maybe you are not that expert driver anymore! Your skills are bound to decline someday. And maybe that time is finally arriving. No, don’t fret! It doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to drive anymore. It’s just that you may harm yourself or others unless you are mindful of these and rectify.

Your driving skills may start to deteriorate either because you may be going very hard on yourself or simply because of ageing. Yes, growing older also leads to weakening of certain skills, and driving isn’t left behind. Also, too much driving often gets you bored of the task (leading to the slack), and also sometimes it’s just overconfidence on your part that affects your good driving skills. Other elements that can cause in decline in driving skills are tough driving conditions – example, bad road, bad weather, etc.; or sudden unexpected situations – example, tire blowout, head or taillight going kaput at night etc.

Signs that Say your Driving Skills Need Sharpening Again!

Driving may have been easy once when you learnt the basic skills at the renowned driving school in Werribee, Your Local Driving Academy. They tend to impart the best knowledge to you and teach everything from the basics to the complexities of driving. And you may even become an expert in the skill. But eventually you tend to lose your performance and your driving skill deteriorates. Read below some such signs that say -- you need to sharpen your skills behind the wheels once again.

1. Certain Turns Become Difficult — If you are left-handed, your right turns become difficult. And if you are right-handed, the vice versa happens. That’s when you have to take in the message that your driving is getting poor and need to be brushed up.

2. Your Night Vision Declines — Most of the time, it’s with age that your night vision tends to decline -- and you can’t see the signals and cars properly. That’s when you should understand your skills don’t work well in the dark, and you should visit a medico soon.

3. You Scramble at High Speed — There may have been a time when your driving was the best at higher speeds. But gradually, you seem to turn uncomfortable as soon as the car runs beyond the normal speed limit. That’s when you should understand that speeding isn’t suitable for you, and should be avoided until you’re comfortable with it again.

4. There Are Lots of Wrong Turns and Signal Breaking Cases Against You —This mostly happens when you are too confident of your driving skills and tend to deliberately ignore those signals and jump them. And the wrong turns may be due to misguiding the turns and not paying attention to them. This means you just need to take a break from driving for a certain period and come back afresh.

5. Your defensive driving skills aren’t to be seen — The most common sign that says -- your driving needs a combing is that you forget the proper distance to be managed from other cars. Even rash driving increases and your defence while driving diminishes.

If you are aware that these signs are budding in you, try taking a fresh and short driving course again. This would help you regain that confidence, and get back to that position of a perfect driver. Apart from that, you need to be attentive about your posture behind the wheels, set your mirrors properly, use the right indicative signs and lights, be attentive about the surroundings (road, people, other vehicles etc.).

Natalie Ige
Natalie Ige
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