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One month of fun Fall activities pt. 1

10 ways to welcome Autumn

By Cathryn DennisonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

With summer about to come to a close and classes starting up again, it’s easy to get ready for the time we hunker down inside for the winter, but don’t forget to celebrate some of the wonders and fun that fall brings. Whether you want to spend some time on yourself or you have a whole day for family time, here is a month’s worth of awesome Autumn activities.

1. Apple Picking

If you’re still itching to do some things outdoors when it’s still warm enough, then apple picking is usually one of the more popular things to do. You might want to go as soon as you can since many choices go quickly once more people start going out.

2. Pumpkin picking

    Even if you don’t carve the pumpkins, going picking for some can be just as fun, especially if you’d like them for decoration or cooking. Homemade pumpkin pie can be a lot tastier than if you make it from a can.

3. Go to a fair or carnival

Games, stalls, rides, and more. There’s usually something for everyone at a fair or carnival, making it an ideal activity for a group or some people that are indecisive; in the best way possible.

4. Make fall decorations

A great way of getting in the spirit and enjoying the season is throwing up some seasonal decorations. For some people, it’s already time to throw up some Halloween decor (I’m definitely one of those people). For others, they like to have the colorful leaves, plants, curtains, towels, rugs, blankets, and more. Remember, if money is tight or you’re not the best at hand-making your own things, there’s always the dollar store or a thrift store.

5. Having a soup day

Soup has been a great comfort food for me and my family around this time of year, but things can be a little crazy when everyone has a different favorite soup. That’s why making a bunch of soup all at once can be a fun experience, and you’d have plenty of leftovers to can for another few days or so.

6. Have a bonfire

When the nights start to get cooler, a bonfire can be a nice way to both relax and hang out with some friends and family. You can relax with a drink, make some smores, and enjoy the sounds of the few insects along with the breeze in the trees.

7. Make some pie

Baking can be a great way to fill the house with some delicious fall scents, especially with pie. Pumpkin, apple, peach-cinnamon, pecan, and blackberry pie can be some of the best-smelling and tastiest pies to make. If you and/or your family are not big on eating pies, you could also try donating it/them to the local food shelter or charity.

8. Go for a hay ride

Some people have never been on a hay ride. It can make a nice activity for the family or be the end of a romantic date. They’re usually fairly short and cheap, too, making them something you don’t have to commit to if you’re a bit apprehensive.

9. Rake the leaves

This one might not be so fun for most people, but it’s usually something that needs to get done. Why not try to enjoy it? If it’s a one-person job, pull out some earbuds and listen to your favorite music or an audiobook. If you have some kiddos, encourage them to help and reward them with a few jumps in the piles.

10. Make some fall drinks from scratch

I’m the type of person who goes crazy over homemade apple cider, but there’s a bunch more you can try, too. Hot cocoa, butterbeer, rootbeer floats, and more! Make what you crave and crave what you make.

Stay tuned for more ways soon!


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