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My Recommended Financial Literacy Books part 2

Wealth Building 102

By Ferrari KingPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

It seems like you are constantly hearing the clueless say things like, “tax the rich.” After the stock market fell in 2020 it rose back up again and some of the wealthy made billions and clueless celebrities and people such as Bernie Sanders keep saying to tax them and mentioning that people are suffering: they seem to like their victimhood. Here is the problem and I am not sure if these clueless people know it or not but the money these wealthy people made is not in their bank account. It is in their financial portfolio and tied up in the stock market and other assets. They can easily lose that money and that money is not in their hands just to use. No one can tax the money you are carrying in your wallet or the money sitting in your savings or checking account just like no one can tax the money these people have in the stock market. If they take that money out and believe me, they are rich because they are smart enough not to do it, they will incur a hefty capital gains tax. Stop listening to these celebrities, comedians and others. You too can make a lot of money if you read the books, I mentioned in part one of this story and read the books I mention here.

I highly recommend you also read part one to this story and I am including 2 more books in this one. Please check out my website where I sell eBooks and subscribe to my YouTube gaming channel. On that channel you will get a link in my about me section to my Teespring store and Twitter where I have stuff on sale. Sorry about the selfish self-promotion and let’s get to it.

I will Teach You to be Rich by Ramit Sethi is an awesome no BS anti victimhood book. He will give you a lot of practical advice on how to get rich and I love the way he rips these victimhood types. He is right about people that play victim and I see it in education with students. Some people will always have an excuse on why they can’t succeed. Don’t be a victim, be a survivor. This is perhaps the easiest book to read of all the books I have read. I truly believe you will love this book. He does a good job on telling you who to avoid for financial advice.

Unshakable by Tony Robbins. This book is a follow up to his: Money, master the game. This is another one of his essential books where he will explain how to avoid the sharks and snake oil types of the business world. His quote he like, and I like it is: When a person with experience meets a person with money, the person with experience ends up with the money and the person with the money ends up with the experience.

Stop listening to celebrities, athletes, singers and other and build your future. I firmly believe everyone has a right to their opinion and everyone has a right to ignore that opinion, but I hope you do check out these books. Banks, business and people have a right to make a profit and you have a right to learn how to not get taken advantage by them which is why I recommended a good book in my first story I hope you check out. Nothing wrong with making money, no matter what some may tell you. If excuses were food, we would all eat good since people always have an excuse.

I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope you check out and subscribe to my channel as well as checking out my website and merch.

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