My Dream Home(s) Outside In?

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If money was no issue...

My Dream Home(s) Outside In?
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The question of what I would throw into my dream home is something I've spent a considerable amount of time pondering. Given all of my hobbies, it would take quite a large home to truly incorporate everything. Here's my dream home wish list.

Life Indoors

I love nature. And I want to bring nature inside as much as possible. My ideal home would have an indoor greenhouse and pond, attached to a master bedroom. I'd be able to grow a lot of different plants that I can't grow in New York's climate, and finally have a place to plant my coffee tree that is quickly outgrowing its pot.

I've also always been interested in ponds. For years I had a pond outside with koi in it. The sound of flowing water is about as relaxing as anything can be. However, maintaining a pond in New York isn't so easy, because of the cold winter, and the pond wasn't deep enough. Building a pond inside would prevent the need to dig down very deep, while also giving me 24/7 access to watching koi.

A Place to Sleep

One might think that with all my interest in bringing the outdoors in that I would just sleep on a patch of grass, but honestly I like a really comfortable place to sleep. I also need a lot of room for my cats. As every cat parent knows, one cat takes up roughly half a full size bed.

To compensate, I clearly need a much larger bed. I'm thinking a wall to wall bed, with built in bookcases, a mini fridge, and a place to work on my laptop, along with plenty of space for the cats. No. I'm not lazy, but it's a lot easier to keep your cats happy when your home office is cat friendly. They hate it when you get up to get any supplies.

Admittedly it's a little difficult to describe. Luckily, I get bored a lot and tend to do random designs when I have time.

Level Style Bed Setup

I will of course have other bedrooms set up for guests, but the master bedroom will be the most unique, by far.

Observation Room

A final inside addition that I would love to have would be an observation room where I could comfortably watch the night sky or thunderstorms, without having to worry about the weather.

I picture having a sealed mini-bedroom that's open to the sky above, protected with shatter resistant glass. That way I can look around and watch a storm that's passing by, without worrying about getting soaked, or hit by lightning. And on clear nights, I could sleep under the stars, without having to sleep outside.

The Great Outdoors

Catio and Dog Run

My cats also need an indoor/outdoor life. Both my cats like to go out, but I worry about them wandering around. A catio would be perfect for them. The catio would of course have automatic cat doors so I wouldn't have to worry about the cats being stuck outside if they don't come in right away. That way the cats could have the best of both worlds.

I would also need a large fenced in area for a dog. It's been quite a while since my last dog, and where I live no simply cannot support having one. But with a large property and plenty of resources, that wouldn't be an issue.

Garden and Hobby Farm

With the indoor greenhouse, I can grow a lot. But a small indoor greenhouse simply isn't enough. No house is complete without a hobby farm, complete with chickens and goats, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. A bee hive would be a great final addition.

Home Away From Home

As an alternative, or perhaps in addition to, the dream home described above, I would love to have a self driving RV. Being able to go to sleep in one state, and wake up in another state, after my house drives me from one place to another, just seems like a great option. The idea reminds me of the story of Baba Yaga, who lived in a house that was part chicken, and would walk from one place to another. Although, a modern day RV would be a bit less disturbing than a house with chicken legs, and far more convenient.

Baga Yaga's Home (Public Domain)

Traveling with my Room

I also like to travel, but I like having access to my own room and my own things. An RV is the perfect compromise. I can take my house with me, wherever I go. This option would be great for people who aren't interested in having a large house. In my case, I'd like to have both. I would love to have a really large house, on a large piece of property, as well as the self driving RV that I could take out and use to travel whenever I want.

Daniel Goldman
Daniel Goldman
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