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MOFT – The Perfect Laptop Stand

by Richard Marx about a year ago in product review

Invisible Laptop Stand

Does your work require you to use your laptop consistently? Or do you have to work even while travelling?

If yes, then using a laptop for continually, many hours can cause pain in your shoulder, neck and back. You must be thinking about what can be done to lessen the pain. Surely you can visit the doctor, but you need to change the way you use your laptop. You need to use a laptop stand while using your laptop and that too MOFT Laptop Stand.

You may be confused about what a MOFT Laptop Stand is and how you can use it. However, you don't need to think too much as all your queries will be answered here.

What Is a MOFT Laptop Stand and How Is It Different from Other Stands?

The super-thin, lightweight and portable laptop stand that can help you in fixing your posture issue while working on a laptop is MOFT Laptop Stand. The stand of this brand is affordable in price and comes in all different ranges and styles.

Unlike other laptop stands, this stand weighs approximately three ounces and is not bulky. This stand is just like a thin piece of paper with creases on it. Because of its thin size, the MOFT is the best laptop stand which can be used while travelling.

What Material Is Used for Making MOFT Laptop Stand

Since this laptop is 1/10 inch in thickness, it is just thin like the coin, and that makes it not only amazing but the thinnest laptop stand. The material used for making these laptop stands is fibreglass and PU since both of these are lightweight, sturdy, durable and robust material that makes a stand strong enough to hold the laptop up to 18 lbs without any difficulty.

How to Use the MOFT Laptop Stand?

This laptop stand is like folding and making a crease on the cardboard. It sounds confusing, right; but it's true. A MOFT adjustable laptop stand can be used to sit at different angles by just folding it.

This laptop stand is just like cutting and making creases differently on a single paper. These stands consist of a side section, even called the legs which are known for holding up the device and are folded in the inward direction. You can set the height of the laptop by using the crease at the middle and top of the laptop stand.

For the lower viewing angle of your laptop, you need to fold the two-crease present at the bottom of the centrepiece. Moreover, to view your laptop at a 25-degree angle, you have to push the centrepiece upward. The part of the stand that holds your laptop is wide and can hold the weight of your laptop in a stable position.

How to Attach Your Laptop in the MOFT Laptop Stand?

Attaching your laptop on the MOFT Laptop Stand is very simple as you have to first remove the protective foil from the stand and then place it on the backside of your laptop. Make sure that the MOFT is at the centre of your Laptop as then only it will keep your laptop stable. The adhesive will do its magic, and your laptop will be attached with the stand perfectly.

Now you can open the stand in the outward direction and then you are ready to use your laptop. If you want to adjust the angle, then you only have to tuck your finger in the front space of the stand and make your laptop stand down. Likewise push the space back to its previous position, if you want to use your laptop in the higher position.

The best laptop stand MOFT will change how you used to work on the laptop in a way that all your backup and neck pain will be gone, making your posture right while working on the laptop.

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