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Maximalist Decor Ideas to Help Make Your Boring Space Look Extravagant

by Mianna Korben 2 years ago in house

We all love maximalist design because it turns our homes into vibrant and colorful pieces of art.

We all love maximalist design because it turns our homes into vibrant and colourful pieces of art. However, if you want to decorate your room with maximalist values in mind, where do you start? Here are some of the best ways to turn your home into a haven of lush colours and confident furniture choices.

Get generous with colour

There’s nothing that screams maximalist like a mish-mash of different colours. When there are three or four different hues that pop all around your room, you have a lush view that is worth enjoying. However, you can’t just mix these colours up randomly. Your goal isn’t to create a circus or clown house. You need to know how to combine them effectively, to create a vivid picture of maximalism.

When it comes to the background, black and white become the primary colours. You should aim to make them either matte black, or shining white. Keep in mind that not every wall has to be the same colour. Switch it up, and you’ll have an ideal background to work with.

To accentuate these dark colours, you need to make your décor stand out. Red goes extremely well with these two choices, and it can make your furniture look like a powerful artistic statement. Combine this with some natural colours from plants and woodworking, and you’ll have yourself a gorgeous space.

Don’t skimp on the art

When it comes to art, some people say that less is more. However, these people clearly haven't ever been inside of a room with a bold design. The art you put up on your walls says a lot about you and your tastes. The question is: How do you make it say that you’re great?

This effect is easily achieved by going big. Instead of having a dozen small pictures lining one wall, you should have just one enormous piece of art that spans a meter or two. Make sure it goes well with the décor of the room, and have it look powerful.

To give even more emphasis to the art you hang, you can always utilize some tricks. Separate the piece into a couple of different segments, and keep them slightly apart. This way, you’ll get an even grander view and you won’t have to supplement it with more pieces.

Aim for comfort

Maximalism always comes with a dash of comfort. Perhaps it might be time to add an additional sense of comfort to your place. Long gone are the days of downsizing and practical design; it’s time to add some relaxation and space.

Pillows are your best friends. Large, colourful, and comfy pillows will become your best friends. Have half a dozen of them on your couch, so that you can dive into a pool of comfiness. Speaking of the couch, it should be able to accommodate at least three people. This gives you enough space for guests, pillows, and the occasional nap.

Let’s not forget about carpets. They're an important detail that adds to the comforting look of the space, while also giving you some actual comfiness. Is there anything better than walking across the room in fresh socks, and feeling nothing but carpet underneath?

Get ahold of the lights

Designing your home is a lot like making a movie. You have a vision and set the stage before you even start filming. When you’re setting up your space, the lighting is just as important as it is in movies. The right light can make or break your décor.

Your lightbulbs should give an extra edge to your rooms. Getting adjustable overhead lights would give you a nice view, every time you walk in a room. Plus they give off a modern vibe.

You shouldn’t disregard natural light, either. Make sure your windows are big enough to allow your room to bask in some gorgeous sunlight. At the same time, you need to make sure that you can prevent the sun from getting in when it gets too hot. Some blackout blinds from places like Marlow & Finch might just do the trick. When you’re able to turn daylight into nighttime with a small adjustment, you’re going to be able to completely control the lighting to your tastes.

Add some vintage accents

Colour contrast isn’t the only contrast you should introduce to your rooms. Instead, you can try to create some disparity between the style of your furniture. A well-placed piece of vintage furniture would look awesome in a maximalist room. The only catch is knowing how to make it fit in.

Let’s not forget, mid-century furniture can get pretty maximalist as well. Vibrant colours and expressive art really do the job just fine. Victorian art is especially good at improving a home’s aesthetic.


At its core, maximalist design strives to make you feel amazing, whenever you walk into a room. You don’t have to settle for second best when you can have a maximalist look. As long as you know what you want to achieve with your décor, you should be able to create the ideal room.


Mianna Korben

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