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By Erik Tilbud OlsenPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Replacing an entire roof is a big task that requires craftsmanship. So why not leave it to the professionals. Consumption is 15-16.7 stones per. square meters with a total weight of 45-47 kg. The flatter Roman roof tiles have double seams, where there is room for placing sealing foam strips before the stones are laid.

This avoids having to underline or make an underroof of foil or roofing felt. Here there are 14.4 stones per. square meters with a weight of 49 kg. If it is only a matter of individual roof tiles, it is a job that you can do yourself.

There are many different types of mortar. Typically, a mortar is named after the binder used in the mortar (prescription mortars) or by compressive strength (functional mortars). Read about mortar in TEGL 37 published by Forlaget Tegl.

Mortar must meet the requirements of Eurocode 6, and the method of manufacture must be able to be documented for both factory-made and construction-site-made mortar. Factory-made mortar must be CE marked. For construction site-made mortar, all sub-materials (factory-made lime-adapted mortar, cement, etc.) must be CE marked.

Lime, limestone, raw lime

The chemical formula for lime is CaCO3 = calcium carbonate. Lime is also called limestone or raw lime. In Denmark, lime is found in large parts of the subsoil. The limestone arose when Denmark was long ago for several million years covered by a warm sea with a rich wildlife.

When the animals died, they sank to the bottom of the sea. Here their calcareous parts (bones and teeth) lay layer upon layer for thousands of years and with the pressure of the sea, the calcareous layer gradually formed. It has been proven that 1 meter of lime in the limestone layer corresponds to 18,000 years. In Faxe Kalkbrud, which is Denmark's largest, the limestone is over 70 meters thick.

The compressive strength of concrete is stated in MPa (Megapascal), eg 35 MPa. However, the compressive strength can also be stated without designation as eg 35. Bl.a. the concrete plants give compressive strength without designation. M is the abbreviation for mega, which means million. Pa is an abbreviation for Pascal. Pascal is the unit in which you enter pressure.

By examining the exposure class, one finds out what requirements are placed on the strength and durability of the concrete. The exposure class depends on the environment in which the building is constructed. This may, for example, be casting in a marine environment such as at the Great Belt Bridge, casting against the ground or casting indoors in dry air.

3 free masonry quotes in Søborg

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You probably find it a bit cumbersome to even look for a local talented bricklayer in Frederiksberg. Review from Gyda Holmkvist, Søborg: Fast and efficient way to get help. Start your renovation task right away; can assist you with up to 3 quite attractive bricklayer service quotes.

We help you get a healthy discount (about 36 percent) with a tireless and knowledgeable bricklayer in 2860 Søborg. Avoid paying a sky-high price for a recognized bricklayer in 2860 Søborg - Use our specialist portal instead. Masonry expert Ludvig Kilsgaard is an expert in the masonry industry and advocates that professionals specifically adhere to traditional materials.

Masonry dictionary

Tile beam: Load-bearing brick element over window, door or door hole.

Terrain bat: Hard pressed mineral wool board. Used as thermal insulation under cast concrete deck.

Terrain floor: Floor construction that is built directly on the soil. A terrain deck consists of several different layers.

Compressive voltage: Tension in an element due to pressure.

Compressive strength: The maximum compression a material can withstand without collapsing.

Wire binder: Binder of metal. Used to to hold the form and back wall to each other.

Dry slaked lime: Burnt lime, which in connection with heating to 1,200 - 1,300 degrees is added a limited amount of water (approx. 20%). This crumbles the pieces of lime into a white powder.


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