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Make a Habit of Book Reading

Importance of Reading Books

By Mahrukh FarrukhPublished 4 years ago • 3 min read
Make a Habit of Book Reading
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I know back then about like a few months ago I'm not so much into reading but I remember when I started reading a book I never stopped till then now because at times I realized why it's so important and good for you to read books. It gives you the knowledge, memories. Also, it increases and improves your vocabulary. It puts you in a better mood and it's the best kind of refreshment that you need from your hectic life schedule. Reading is relaxing and fun if you read books a lot you are never bored. Reading regularly has a lot of benefits that contribute to your overall wellbeing. Reading Habit is wonderfully good for you and Books are your best friends.

I can definitely say the habit of reading is the best habit I did purse. I am so fond of Books now by adopting the Habit of Reading. Up til now, I have read mostly History, fiction-related books which are eyeopener books, and mostly related to facts.

One of the Best Books I Read


Kafka on the shore is one the best book I read and among the best books by the Author "Haruki Murakami". Haruki Murakami is a Japanese writer and his work is just amazing. All the books he wrote are incredible and unique in its own way. He's one of the writers who have a habit of gripping the strangest things and making them interesting.

Reading this book was like entering a dream, when you come out of the dream we get the feeling of adrenaline rush.

This book has some of the most beautifully constructed characters.

Even though sometimes we do feel like Murakami himself did not have the idea of what to do with some of them it still falls into place. At least the place where it belongs.

This is a great book that shows the relationship between consciousness and unconsciousness. . It is a boom that continues to attract the attention of the reader in a different way in every different chapter. A magnificent work.

But before you read "Kafka on the Shore" I suggest you read "Norwegian Wood" by Murakami to understand his work deeper.

2) The Oracle

It is the other masterpiece "The Oracle" by Jonathan Cahn. The book is definitely a life-changer. It revealed the mystery behind everything, the past, the present, current times, and what is yet to come. Students of history will appreciate it. It was an amazing worth reading books where truth, facts, and prophecy are revealed. Everyone should definitely read it.

3) A Little Life

A Little Life Novel is written by Hanya Yanagihara. This book has 720 pages, domestic fiction. All I want to say about this book is this was the book that was unforgettable. This was the book that was easy to get started but once you do you just can't let it down. It was one of the books which makes you cry many times. It was devastating and amazing at the same point.

Hard to describe feelings about this book because it was the great book I've ever read. Written so beautifully, the characters are etched into the mind, the heart, and soul.

4) The Secret History

This Novel is written by Author Donna Tartt. Donna Tartt is the QUEEN of literary fiction. This Book was incredibly wonderful. I have completed this book in a week. I did not think it was possible to articulate the splendidness of this novel. Like the complex characters, the beautiful lyrical writing, the profound ideas, and meaning to this incredible literary fiction. Highly recommended.

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