Low-Cost Remodeling for Your Rental House

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Kitchen Remodeling

Low-Cost Remodeling for Your Rental House

The best way of attracting tenants is to spruce up the place making them feel that they are getting more than their money’s worth.

The improvement in the look, feel, and functionality of your place will surprise you. Expect a long queue at your door and have the opportunity to pick good paying and long-term tenants.

Your remodeling need not be expensive, but it can be effective with these tips.

Kitchen Remodeling

The tenants are moving out, your kitchen looks rough and you need to make it look nice to attract new tenants. A bit of kitchen remodeling can make it look shiny and new without spending too much here’s how.

Kitchen cabinetry

The paint in your kitchen cabinets has patches and some paint peel off, a repainting job will freshen up space and make it look fresh. This is a great way, but you might have to strip, sand, and prime to get the result.

There are cabinet transformation kits from the hardware that will give you the result you wish at a pocket-friendly price at $100.

Or your cabinets are at the end of their lifecycle; often it’s only the front that must be replaced. Change only the part that needs updating with kits in the market.

Stencil outdated tiles

Replacing old wall tiles with new is expensive and time-consuming. Consider stenciling your tiles. All you need is a pattern, paint, and prep time to get your tiles ready. Tile stencils are available online; this saves time and money.

Consider painting floor

If you have a wood floor, consider painting rather than replacement, as there is a big difference in the amount you’ll spend. Use polyurethane-based porch and floor enamel for the best results.

Check for Water Damage

From walls to faux wood beams, even a small amount of water can cause marks that are an eye-sore or destroy any material it comes in contact over time. Determine the source and call a plumber to fix things.

After plugging the water problem check for water damage. Mold can grow on walls, wood, and other surfaces in less than 24 hours. You might need to replace materials depending on the presence of mold.

Follow the water’s pathway and look for watermarks or stains. If the damage is not too big, perhaps a patch-up job like painting a portion of the wall or replacing a section of the wood will do the trick.

Paints are Always Welcome

When you are trying to attract tenants to fill your vacant rental unit, a fresh coat of paint might do the trick. It goes a long way towards improving the appearance of your house, making it look bright and fresh. A prospect will appreciate a newly painted property and the smell of fresh paint than a worn-out and dirty one.

Aside from being the cheapest way of perking up the place, landlords get more bang for their buck. Holes can be easily covered with sand, cement or wood and painted for a holeless property afterward. A coat of paint will cover dings and nicks as if they never existed.

And finally.. .

And finally, if you moved to a new house and want to change something with not much of budget spending, you can opt to buying second-hand furniture items. It can be very fresh anyway. You can hang some of your pictures, or just print some artist paintings and also hang it elsewhere in your new lair. And be sure, if you make all those above mentioned changes you will have a very cozy and “fells like home” rental house.

Terry Miller
Terry Miller
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