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Living Trust Michigan Pass Your Legacy And Assets

by Clea Smith about a year ago in how to

Estate planning is a crucial step to require in your life because you're producing an idea to pass your legacy and your assets on to your loved ones after you pass on.

Estate planning is a crucial step to require in your life because you're producing an idea to pass your legacy and your assets on to your loved ones after you pass on.

Dealing with the loss of a beloved are often a difficult and stressful time as relations mourn.

Often time’s people take this into consideration when creating an estate plan because they don’t want their family to travel through additional turmoil to receive their inheritance.

Without a correct estate plan in situ, your family will need to attend court so as to receive your assets. The court will decide who will get what assets albeit they'll are contrary to your wishes.

This can create heartache and loss for relations you intended to require care of. Luckily, there's an estate planning tool which will assist you avoid this sort of scenario.

Michigan living trust - Defined

In Michigan, a living trust is one among the only and most ordinarily used estate planning documents utilized to pass your money and property on to your loved ones after you die.

once you create a living trust, you're referred to as the grantor. While you're still alive you furthermore may act because the trustee.

The trustee is that the one that manages all of the assets inside the trust. you furthermore may name a successor trustee.

Your successor trustee is that the one that will take over the management of the assets in your trust after you pass on.

They are also liable for ensuring your assets get distributed to your beneficiaries within the way you intended.

Your beneficiaries are the people you would like to receive your money and property once you die. for instance, your kids.

Does a living trust Avoid Probate?

Yes. this is often one among the main advantages a living trust has over a final will and testament. many of us think a final will and testament avoids court. this is often incorrect.

A last will and testament is really your ticket to court. once you pass on, your will must be taken to the court to be administered before your beneficiaries can receive your assets.

If there's an upset loved one, they will contest your will in court which can further delay your beneficiaries from receiving your money and property. most of the people want to avoid this scenario.

To avoid this, they choose a living trust. Having a living trust also ensures that the transfer of your assets is private.

The transfer is additionally much quicker than browsing probate and may happen during a matter of days or weeks after your passing rather than months and years like probate.

Probate avoidance is one among the main reasons to make an estate plan within the first place.

If you would like to make sure the fastest and most effective transfer of your money and property to your loved ones, you ought to consider a living trust.


Dealing with the death of a beloved isn't easy. It can become even harder if the deceased loved one didn't plan properly before they died.

Without a living trust, your family will need to undergo probate to urge your assets.

Even with a will in situ, probate remains a requirement. Probate is public and may take an extended time.

It’s a difficult situation for a family to travel through once they are mourning the loss of a relative.

Luckily, this example is definitely avoidable with a living trust michigan. To draft a living trust, you ought to use the assistance of an experienced living trust attorney.

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