Life Hacks That Will Make You Successful

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Best way to make yourself feel better is by learning these life hacks.

Life Hacks That Will Make You Successful

Successful people have specific habits that make their progress possible. Discovering and applying simple life hacks can greatly increase your chances of achieving your goals. Here are life hacks that can make you a happier and more successful person.

What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

Asking yourself this question is a great way to confront personal unhappiness. This is because considering the worst case scenario helps put things in perspective and could make a bad situation seem better. It's what the stoics called negative visualization. In most situations, you'll discover that your initial problems were exaggerated.

The “As If” Principle

If you want a quality life, act as if you already have it. When you find yourself feeling angry, try forcing a smile and softening your voice. If you act calm, it will help you become calm. Science supports the theory. A study of more than 26,000 people revealed that smiling increase self reported happiness. You know what they say? Smile and the world smiles with you.

Make it a Treat

The stoics honed their courage and self control by practicing self denial techniques over long periods. Indeed, denying yourself something keeps you from taking it for granted. When you do treat yourself, you appreciate the luxury even more. Aside from being a happiness booster, self control is a good indication of a person's strength and capacity for success.

Live in the Present

Some philosophers believe that worrying about things beyond one's control is disempowering and a waste of energy. By contrast, finding satisfaction and what you can reasonably influence lowers anxiety about the past and future. Changing habits and living in the present enables more efficient use of one's attention and energy while increasing overall happiness.

It’s Okay to Stumble

In both science and philosophy, self criticism is correlated with low motivation and weak self control. By contrast, being consistently supportive of oneself leads to high motivation and strong self control. Self compassion enables us to learn from our mistakes, and the successful people understand that nobody is immune to failure. So when you suffer a personal failing, forgive yourself and move on. You'll be a happier and more successful person because of it.

Read Books

Chances are that some of the most intelligent, hardworking and successful people that you know are always reading a book. Warren Buffett reads 500 pages a day, and when he first kicked off his career, he read like 600 to 1,000 pages of a book every single day. There was actually a study done with 1,200 wealthy people, and it was found that they all agree reading was as a great habit.

Study people

People are now too concerned with technological progress that they forget the importance of human resources. Studying people is a successful technique that predates the internet. Many people underestimate the potential of knowing another person's goals and ambitions. Consequently, some ambitious people try to achieve everything by themselves, sometimes with the aid of technology. Understanding people and involving them in your projects can help you to achieve a lot.

Business Meditation Trips

Taking a trip of about 200 miles can enhance your creativity and imagination. Scientific studies indicate that you should take these road trips once a month. When taking these trips, ensure you go to a different location each time. Choose cheap hotels or other online cheap accommodation plans. This is also the perfect time to advance your knowledge by reading a new book.

Post Reminders Everywhere

Record keeping is the hallmark habit of successful people. It is always a good idea to write down or take a note of the things you plan to do later. Stick them on your desk or create phone alerts to remind you when you need to do those actions again. This is a habit than can produce quick results in a short time. Even managing a large corporation requires systematic and synchronized task recording and updating.

Narrowing down to a few life hacks and then implementing them in your life can greatly change it. Use these hacks to attract success in your life.

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Damien Justus
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