Knitting Therapy

by Heather Wilkins about a year ago in crafts

Knitting is a craft outlet that has several good things besides beautiful gifts.

Knitting Therapy

I am a big knitter and I have just started to branch out into bigger knit projects besides making garter stitch and ribbing patterns. I have made a shawl and learned a few things along the way.

But here is something you don't know about why I'm such a big knitter, I need it for physical therapy. Since 2017, my hands are no longer limber and fluid. It is harder to reach around piano keys and do my big 9th-octave reach like I used to. I have been knitting to keep my fingers loose and easy to spread open for a better grasp of objects in my daily life. Thanks to knitting, I can still play my piano or guitar once I dish out the $100 to pay for some new strings. But knitting saved me from losing my creative streak.

How It Started

I was heading home from working at the warehouse Amazon opened in Tampa. I took off my gloves and the first thing that happened was my grip didn't close all the way. I kept losing my keys in the parking lot and when I got into the car, the steering wheel was hard to grip. It felt like the more I tried to force myself to make a fist, the more it hurt and felt like my hand was pushed into a vice. I had to drive home with my thumbs in the middle of the wheel and drive in thick fog. Luckily, I got home without any damage to my car or any serious injuries to myself.

The next day was my day off. I went into the office closet and I pulled out some black yarn and some knitting needles. I had six needles and one small spool of yarn, so I decided to make the most of it.

I looked up knitting tutorials and projects, and learned how to start the knitting and then go from there. But the first few times I tried to bend my fingers and grab a hold of something slim like a needle, it left my hands in pain. It felt like tiny pricks on my skin left my razors or syringes. I was only able to do it for five minutes a day. Now, I can spend nearly a whole hour or a whole day confined to my knitting and watching Netflix.

Keeping Therapy and Creativity

I buy balls of yarn, and so far I have a few that are ready to be made into beautiful scarves, hats, and shawls.

I am looking into selling some of my wares as a consignment. There have been times where I have messed up my knitting projects or my knitting patterns and I give them away to people. They appreciate the gift and wear them with pride.

There are a couple of places I have been looking into consignment and looking to sell the kitted wares in fall or winter. I have 15 planned items and then the rest would be for the next time. But it would be great to get some income coming in.

But I have been enjoying the progress I have had with being able to use my fingers and my hands once again. When I get my piano in my new place, I will play until the sun shines a little brighter.

Knitting as Therapy

Knitting is more than just a creative outlet. It is therapy. For a long day at work, to sitting at home waiting for the laundry to dry. I knit when I have to use my hands long hours. Just opening giant bucket lids is hard on my fingers and knuckles. There are times where I may have a bad day at work, don't get along with the hiring manager, becoming the punching bag for a manager with an attitude problem, or just wait and see about a particular result for an application or a work submission.

It is a great, therapeutic outlet. You can finish or leave some on the needles and come back to it when you get a chance. It is a great thing for a wandering mind as well. It helps with building thoughts around novels or between the words of a novel I am writing myself. The first chapter is here on Vocal if you would like to check it out.

Hopefully, I can channel those long lines of yarn into words. Words for a novel or a poem. But there are always good things that come from knitting, such as mastering a new craft and working on a project for any family members or those about to become a larger network of family members.

Consignment Prices & Location

There are a few good stores that have great consignment prices. The Closet is a second-hand clothing store with easy access to the main drag and near Casa Moncia hotel and Flagler College. I've shopped there myself and they have such cute stuff for the fall and winter.

There's also a gypsy boutique and they sell all kinds of consignments. The only concern is that they do a quality screening before they are allowed to sell any items people make.

The women's exchange inside the Pena Peck also does consignment, but all the knitted items are placed in the back ,and they vary on quality and pricing is difficult.

I am looking at pricing my knitted items based on patterns and designs. Each pattern and design will be priced differently. Not all patterns look the same.

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