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Kitchen Styles for kitchen 2021

by Jonty Benjo 2 months ago in house

Every year, new tiling trends catch up, and 2021 is no different. If you are looking to construct a space that is modern and contemporary, you would surely want to know about the new, exciting trends that are expected to rule the market this season.

Orientbell has always tried that its customers stay forever trendy and updated, hence, we keep a close watch on new and upcoming trends to make our offering suitable for the ever-changing tastes and styles.

Kitchens are an intrinsic part of houses these days with the living room and kitchen spaces merging in most households. So if your kitchen is not as modern and trendy as the rest of the house, it will stick out like a sore thumb.

Read on to know about some of the hot trends, in terms of designs, technology, textures and colours, that are about to rock the market of kitchen tiles this year.

The game of right colors

Colors are very important. Using the right colors can make the application area look and feel breathy and spacious, apart from trendy and stylish. On the other hand, choosing unsuitable colors can turn any space into a claustrophobic mess.

This year, as we understand, green and shades from the grayscale are going to rule the kitchen tiles market. Neutral tones like white, off white, beige and cream will also be a major hit. People who are fans of bright colors and themes that pop out will have to satisfy themselves by resorting to highlighter tiles and feature or accent walls.

Earthy colors will be another major hit. Concepts developed from earthy colors add a classy look to any setup. Tiles like Elite Grey, ODH Emilia HL, ODG Emilia Brown are some of Orientbell’s tiles that are perfect if you’re looking for trendy tiles for your kitchen.

Choosing the ideal texture

Some things never go out of style and creating beautiful concepts with textured tiles is one of them. Textures can add a character to your setup and decor. Wooden look tiles are the perfect example of how a textured tile can make the decor look up. Wooden look gives a warm, cosy and elegant feel to any place. Similarly, stone look tiles can give a rough look that you may prefer on your exterior or garden walls.

Orientbell offers a wide range of wooden look tiles. You should check out ODH Woodstyle Natural HL, ODH Bambo Brown HL, and many more on our no-click, user-friendly Orientbell website. You’re sure to find the perfect fit for your setup.

For that little extra

Some people don’t prefer simple and plain concepts. Patterned tiles are the right solution for them. Kitchens are a good application space for patterned tiles if they are used in the right places and in the right amount.

They can easily add an eye-catching factor to the decor. You can use patterned ceramic tiles as an alternative for your kitchen tops too as they are heat and water-resistant and if they’re treated properly, they won’t stain either.

Mistakes to avoid

A lot of people blindly go for the latest trend. There is nothing wrong with wanting the trendiest thing for your setup, but you need to keep in mind that tiling is a process that requires a lot of patience, money, time and research. This is because generally you won’t want to get a renovation done every year. So, it’s important to get tiles that will last for a long time and will not become old-fashioned too soon. So check for the latest trends, shortlist the ones you like, research about the longevity of the concepts you like and how evergreen they will be.

Another thing that cannot be ignored is that the most beautiful tiles may not always work for you. You may narrow down on the most attractive option but it may not look good in the application area for which you are buying it. It’s a hard pill to swallow but it is better than installing the concept only to realize that it doesn't go with the overall decor.

For battling this dilemma of what’s gonna suit and what’s not, you can simply go to Orientbell’s website. Orientbell has a visualizer app called TriaLook that can sort out this problem. Click a picture of the application area and upload the picture on the app. This feature will place the tile of your choice in the desired setup digitally to give you a preview of how your space would look post the final installation. Orientbell comes with another very handy app called SameLook. It is a feature that will help you find the tile you like on Orientbell’s website. So if you like a tile at a place where you can’t possibly enquire about the make, texture, exact colour and other details, just click a picture of that particular tile using our feature SameLook and it will surf the website for you. It’ll find the exact same tile or the closest looking tile to it.

Trends change every year, so it is always better to choose what appeals to you the most and looks trendy too. While looking for the perfect tile for your setup, do visit the Orientbell website to choose from a wide range of products that are enlisted, updated and added regularly so that you have the trendiest of styles, designs, and patterns at your disposal.

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