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Kids Bedrooms Decorating Guide

Parents want their kids to grow happy and to live in a beautiful and creative environment. A child’s room provides a lot of opportunities to experiment with various design ideas.

By Clarissa LearyPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Kids Bedrooms Decorating Guide
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Every parent wants their child to live in a beautiful, creative environment. A child’s room provides a lot of opportunities to experiment with various design ideas. Here are some tips to help you arrange your child’s living space so that your children feel comfortable and satisfied in it.


If your child likes to draw, you can use the motifs that appear in his or her drawings as the basis for the design of the room. For boys, it may be an aviation-themed design. If it’s seafaring that stimulates his imagination, a boat-shaped bed is a bold, quirky choice that will enliven his room. Additionally, authentic boat oars make for great decorative items.

As children’s interests change rapidly, you should base your design on a few permanent, neutral elements. It’s always wise to have the walls white, as this accommodates any color scheme and combination of elements. A light shade of blue is a good alternative, as it also has that neutral quality.

If you decide to go with the traditional boys’ color, blue, don’t forget that it contrasts very effectively with orange. Of course, you’re not limited by huge blocks of color – you can go for stripes, if that suits you better. If it does, try to keep it consistent by having a theme a sticking with it. You can also combine the two approaches, as bright colors of the room’s walls go well with detailed patterns elsewhere in the room.

A good strategy for rooms shared by two or more boys is to have the beds placed alongside adjacent walls, as this will free the middle of the room. This free space can be decorated with a variety of rugs. There are a lot of online rug shops that offer free shipment across Australia. You can also make use of the room’s limitations. Sloped alcoves can serve as storage spaces, and some can be a good place for a bed, leaving the rest of the room for other uses.


A lot of the above applies to girls’ rooms as well, but with a few adjustments, of course. Again, you can find inspiration in the things your girl likes and decorate her room with animal or flower patterns, for example. The walls of a girl’s room can be painted in neutral colors, with bright spots of color reserved for items such as bedding or chairs. Bedding can also be patterned, and the choice is varied indeed. You have at your disposal polka dots, paisley patterns and any number of other motifs.

Once you decide on a motif, it’s wise to stick to it, so as to avoid making the room look garish. Variations in color between patterns should be kept down to different shades of the same color. This also provides you with the opportunity to achieve exciting gradient effects.

One instance of a particularly daring design that makes the room come alive is your girl’s name displayed somewhere within it. You can use stencils for this, but also nameplates. The most dynamic solution, however, is having decorative letters spelling out your girl’s name hanging around the room.

Wall art can be made an effective feature of any girl’s room, and here you’d do well to seek your child’s advice and take her tastes into consideration, although this should be a concern regarding each and every element of the room’s design. Some elements, like hanging lampshades and decorative birdcages, work particularly well in giving a lively atmosphere to your child’s room. Most girls like garlands as well, so consider incorporating them somewhere in the room (recommended motif: paper doves).


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