Is the Second Fridge Worth It?

If you're thinking about getting a second refrigerator or keeping your existing one when you upgrade to a newer fridge, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Is the Second Fridge Worth It?
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If you're thinking about getting a second refrigerator or keeping your existing one when you upgrade to a newer fridge, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, it may be beneficial to have extra space for special occasions or to dedicate a fridge in the garage to bottled drinks, soda, and alcoholic beverages. On the other hand, it's important to consider how having two refrigerators could impact your electric bill.

While it may seem frugal to avoid disposing of an older fridge in order to store more goods bought in bulk, depending on the age and condition of the refrigerator, you may actually be increasing your energy bill each month. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you weigh the pros and cons of purchasing or keeping a second fridge in your home.

How much energy does your refrigerator use?

No refrigerator is built the same, meaning that there are a few different qualities to factor into calculating how much your fridge or freezer is impacting your electric rate. Of course, the smaller your fridge is, the cheaper your energy bill will be when it comes to paying your utility company to power your refrigerator. The average fridge is sized at around 400 or 500 liters, which costs around $160 a year.

That being said, if you have a larger fridge or freezer that needs to be kept colder, that cost could quickly rise. For example, a 500 to 600-liter refrigerator could set you back almost $250 a year, whereas a fridge larger than 600 liters could cost you almost $500 a year. Especially when you think about how those figures only account for one appliance and take into account the fact that a fridge that's several decades old may have other problems contributing to it being less energy efficient, having a second fridge can really cause you to rack up quite a hefty utility bill from your electric company.

Can you afford to get your refrigerator repaired?

Before you decide whether or not to replace your existing appliance or to get a new one, it may be worth factoring in what it might cost to get your fridge repaired. For example, if you're looking for Wolf or Sub-Zero refrigerator repair, you may be able to find someone willing to service your appliance at a great rate.

Sub-Zero Repair Pro, for example, has a breadth of customer-centric policies that make their service one of the best and most affordable in the industry. If you receive a different repair quote, Sub-Zero Repair Pro will offer you a five percent discount in order to be the lowest rate you are offered. Beyond that, Sub-Zero Repair Pro also prides itself on new customer discounts, senior discounts, and waiving extra charges for any work needed on the weekend. With skilled technicians able to service high-end appliances and provide regular maintenance, you'll be in good hands with a company like Sub-Zero Repair Pro.

How can you keep electricity costs low?

Of course, if you're really after cheap electricity, there's more to the equation than just dumping your old refrigerator in favor of a more energy-efficient model. After all, your electric rate could be higher than your neighbors depending on the electric company that you use and their specific energy rates. It behooves all residential customers to look into their electric plan and what their electric company is currently offering if they're truly interested in saving money and getting great service.

Thankfully, the internet makes this kind of research easier than ever, even allowing you to see if a lower rate or switching to clean energy, wind turbines, or solar panels could save you money. If you feel like you've been paying too much over the last year, it may be useful to compare cheap electricity providers with Select. Especially if you're after the cheapest electricity, a website that lets you simply and efficiently compare different rates can be incredibly helpful in finding the cheapest electric company able to service your home, condo, or apartment.

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