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Is it Crucial to Hire a Corporate Lawyer in Mumbai?

Corporate law practice is diversified and essential to the legal and economic sectors, which is why the need for corporate lawyers and law firms has increased tremendously.

By Krutika ShettyPublished about a year ago 3 min read

The popularity of corporate law among prospective lawyers and law firms is not surprising, given that corporate law is one of the most thrilling and active fields of legal practice.

Corporate law is an extensive field of law applying to both the business and legal sectors. It deals with governance, contracts, commercial transactions, and the legal ramifications of a company's day-to-day activities.

Counseling clients on their legal rights, obligations, and duties are part of a corporate lawyer's responsibilities. When a corporation hires a corporate lawyer, the lawyer does not represent the corporation's shareholders or employees; rather, the lawyer represents the entire corporate entity.

Why hire a corporate lawyer?

Hiring a corporate lawyer in Mumbai is necessary to perform duties like due diligence (appraising the business for prospective buyers or partners). They verify all accounts and finances for commercial transactions and establish agreements with various parties. Navigating a company's constitution's rules and shareholders' and directors' rights is a crucial duty for corporate lawyers.

Corporate law firms in Mumbai may assist in defending your company in conflicts or litigation and can advocate for your interests. They can also help in:

  • Leasing, contracting and signing other legal agreements.
  • Obtaining funding from investors
  • Carrying out a merger or acquisition
  • Putting in place a fair recruiting procedure that conforms to regulatory requirements
  • Defending intellectual property (IP)

Characteristics of a corporation

As corporations are legal business entities established at the state level, state laws govern them and differ on corporations' formation, operation, and dissolution.

However, a company comes under all jurisdictions as a distinct legal entity from its owners; it can thus autonomously carry out other commercial operations, enter contracts, open bank accounts, file loan applications, and sue or get sued by others.

Corporations minimize an individual's accountability for the firm's debts and liabilities, protecting the shareholders' assets. Fraud instances and unpaid business taxes are exceptions. A lower tax rate for corporations than for individuals is another benefit.

A corporation remains in existence unless lawfully dissolved following the state's formation-established rules. It holds even if the company's owners and executives pass away or quit.

You must often incorporate as a foreign entity in the state where your corporation intends to conduct business if you want to do business there.

Areas covered under corporate law

  • Corporate law frequently covers the following areas:
  • Laws governing business creation specify the procedures to set up a corporation, partnership, or limited liability partnership.
  • Regulations protecting consumers from fraud and the selling of faulty goods and services
  • Regulations governing contracts that you enter into with customers, suppliers, and other businesses
  • Rules governing employment and hiring safeguard both present and potential workers from discrimination based on sex, race, and religion and control employee wellbeing.
  • Environmental regulations
  • IP regulations safeguarding your company's original inventions and creative efforts
  • Laws controlling permits and licenses
  • Zoning regulations controlling the use of commercial property

So common people need to get in touch with corporate law firms in Mumbai for a better understanding of these areas of corporate law.

Corporate governance

Corporate governance is the operational guidelines and practices put in place by a company. Although it must function in combination with legal requirements to keep your company compliant, this sector is distinct from corporate law.

Good corporate governance addresses various concerns, such as frequent board meetings, tight control over business direction, an established risk management system, and a defined division of labor.

To conclude:

Hiring a corporate lawyer in Mumbai when starting a new business is as important as employing an architect when building a new home. A corporate lawyer ensures that all company transactions comply with corporate laws and regulations while working at a law firm or a company's legal team. They will customize your legal contracts to meet your needs and provide satisfactory results.


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