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Investing in Solar Roof Panels: The Right Decision

Installing a solar roof panel can serve many purposes for your house. It will not only save your electricity cost but increase the resale value as well. Contact us today to know more.

By Vertical Limit RoofingPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Winter is all about freezing and quilts. No wonder you will not think about installing solar panels on the roof at this point. A lot of us believe that solar panels are only suitable for houses situated in a warm and sunny climate. People living in snowy and cold climates will not find them useful. But is it really true?

In all honesty, solar panels are one of the most reliable energy sources irrespective of the climate. Vertical Limit Roofing, one of the most experienced Ottawa, Ontario roofing contractors are here to help you understand the advantages of installing solar roof panels.

Let’s answer some of the most common questions about the solar panel –

What is the application of solar panels in the winter season?

One of the most common reasons for not installing solar panels on the roof is a lack of knowledge. People living in a cold climate do not understand the exact purpose of solar roof panels. Despite the freezing temperature, these solar panels can generate energy by using the sun’s light (not heat). That’s why solar panels are effective in every season.

When the solar roof panels are installed, they allow the light particles to create an electric current for the house. This electric current will power the entire house using natural energy.

The solar panels get as hot as 149℉ and they work better in a cold climate. So, you do not have to consider the temperature outside before installing solar panels on the roof.

How much is the efficiency of solar panels in the snow?

Snow is not uncommon in Ottawa. So, the residents will wonder if the solar roof panels will actually be effective or not. Even in snowfall, solar panels can generate energy. Snow will reduce the amount of sunlight infiltrating through the solar panels but the panels will still produce electricity. Experienced roofing companies Ottawa area resides will always install the solar panels at such an angle that allows the snow to slide off. That will increase the sun exposure.

If it is a sunny day, the blanket of snow on the ground will increase the level of solar energy produced. This snow blanket reflects the sunlight on solar panels to create electricity inside the house.

The trusted Ottawa, Ontario roofing contractors are trained to install solar panels on the roof. They ensure that they work efficiently and effectively; even if it is snowing.

Benefits of a Solar Paneled Roof

Solar panels benefit every house in Ottawa. Here is why you should consider installing them on your roof this season –

1. Help the Environment

Solar panels provide pure energy (directly from the sun). If they are installed on your roof, they will help fight the greenhouse gas emissions and dependency on fossil fuel. We all know that the traditional method of extracting electricity is natural gas and coal. But when these fossil fuels are burnt, they emit harmful gases. These gases are one of the major sources of global warming and air pollution. Apart from that, fossil fuels are finite resources so you cannot expect them to go on forever.

2. Reduce Electricity Bills

During the summer season, so much electricity is consumed due to air conditioning. But if the electricity is derived from the sun, you would not have to worry about those increasing electricity bills. On a sunny day, solar panels will produce more energy, and that ultimately means more energy. Wait till your expensive energy bill is reduced or eliminated.

3. Start Saving

The annual cost of energy can be pretty high. If you invest in solar roof panels, this cost can be significantly reduced. You will gain an advantage in the long run because lets’ face it; the sun’s energy is free of cost! Solar panels increase the resale value of your house as well. If a home comes with a pre-installed solar panel, who will say no to it? They do not have to get involved in the initial installation and investment. So, the price will automatically increase for your house. Solar panels protect the roof from external factors like rain, debris, and snow. They keep the temperature low inside the house as most of the sun’s heat is absorbed by the panels.

4. Earn Rebate and Credit on Tax

If a home installs solar panels on the roof, it gets the federal income tax credit at the time of filing the taxes. You will also receive the local and state rebates along with the Solar Renewable Energy Credits.


We at Vertical Limit Roofing understand that installing a solar panel on the roof can be a difficult decision. That’s why we have come to your rescue. Ask away all the queries and we promise to help you in the best way possible. Ready to install the solar panel? Contact us today!


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