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In a World Full of Words, We Were Quiet

A wish to speak the way a mind can think

By Aabusad PathanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

In a world that’s full of words, I sometimes sat quietly in the hum around me with thoughts of my own about the existence of the words itself

About why they’re here and how they can magically lighten up our eyes

About all the 26 letters, along with their curves and lines, and the unique characteristics they bring to us, as well as how we can carry them

All in all, so that we can have a beautiful conversation with our surroundings

In a world that’s full of words, I find it odd sometimes that we, myself included, like to keep things silent, or, more specifically, delimit our words and then hope to be understood by others

After all, aren’t they created so we can listen and see their beauty?

These thoughts visits me often, crossing in the back of my head as I was seeing people walk right in front of my eyes. Silently, I wonder if they also think the same thing as I did

Maybe if I came up to them and asked, they’d give me the answer

So, this is me questioning

why are we afraid of asking?

why are we afraid to tell other people what we want?

to ask for help

to coming upfront

to ask for a favor

to communicate the truth

to tell what we need

was it because of the reaction?

the unknown of what lay ahead within their answer

or is it the rejection that can be hurt to hear?

quite frankly I’m tired of preserving my words

of leaving the canvas blank

of leaving the paper untouched

of leaving the room empty

soundless and soulless

for I wish to speak the way my mind talks

fearlessly and incessantly

because I think that it is never a bad thing to do so

It is never wrong to ask

It is never wrong to tell

It is never wrong to want to be understood

to simplify life by expressing

by talking, by asking

and I don’t think there’s shame in all of that

Maybe keeping words has been an easier choice given the fact that we all have our own fears. The fear of asking because it might turn into annoyance, the fear of telling because it might not sound genuine, the fear of rejection, and the list goes on.

It’s unrealistic yet irresistibly real. Looking back, there were a lot of moments and things that I got simply because of asking, telling, and communicating. And as soon as I realize that I can’t always have what I’m not willing to ask for, life becomes easier.

As far as I go through this life, I learned that we’re not going to lose anything by asking

because when we ask, we’re not just explaining, but we’re giving options. Either they’re going to agree, or disagree. Either the answer is going to be yes, or they’re going to be no. And although it can be hard to hear those disagreements and nos, at least we tried. And in the end, all that matters is what we can have control of. So might as well just focus on that

So start asking

start telling

go paint the canvas

go pour out the ink

go fill the room with noises

wholly and loudly

for our life is so short and might never happen twice

for the sake of what could have been and not what would never be

for speaking the way a mind can think

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