How To Waterproof Roof

Steps to Waterproofing a Roof

How To Waterproof Roof
How to Waterproof roof

Waterproofing a roof is one of the most important things to be considered during the heavy rain. Because the water collects on the roof for a longer time and creates joints, leakages, and cracks at the corner. Such leaks can ruin the walls of your home by penetrating water from the roof to the interior and exterior part of the house.

So, to overcome the situation we use the best gutter sealant after following some important steps. We have concluded some on how to waterproof a roof that guarantees work in all circumstances.

Step 1: Power Washing the Roof

Well before applying any waterproofing solution for the roof we have to do power washing. Power washing can be done using clean water to remove dust, oily dirt, and other unusual adhesion. The water breaks down the impact of bad elements, so that sealant can do it properly

After the process of cleaning use a large mop to dry out the roof and let the moisture dry for around 2 hours under the sunny day.

Step 2: Roof Waterproofing Membrane

For a membrane, we use geotextile to waterproof a roof. Geo-textile is a type of flat paper that sticks to the surface using water. Make sure to cover the whole roof using the textile especially the corners part.

Step 3: Use of Best Gutter Sealant

Best Gutter Sealant

There are over varieties of the best gutter sealant available in the market but for the permanent adhesiveness, we use liquid rubber sealant. These sealants are in the form of liquid and applied using a brush. The next step is to apply the sealant over the Geo-textile and repeat the process. Then Again apply the geo-textile and apply the sealer again.

Step 4: Leave a whole

.In between the entire roof, you need to make a whole so that the water does not collect and passes through the whole. This can be done using a small circular pipe to give a proper shape. But make sure to paint the whole from inside as well.

Step 5: Let it Dry

After using the roof waterproof products make sure to let it dry for around 4 hours. After this apply the other coating. The second layer creates permanent bonds with the cracks or leaks

Things to Consider while Flat waterproofing roof

Waterproofing a flat roof

There are some steps to be followed while waterproofing a flat roof.

Calculate terrace waterproofing details

Before starting any of the processes make sure to cover all the required details of the roof. Flat surface details are one of the most important factors while waterproofing. Measure the length of the area you need to cover and locate the cracks that you want to fill.

Selecting the Roof waterproofing products

Well for the perfect products for waterproofing we use liquid rubber sealant, it is one of the powerful general sealants. It works perfectly fine on silicone-based surfaces and also does not fade under the harmful UV (UltraViolet Rays). The adhesion property is up to the mark and creates a watertight bond. For budget-friendly you can use Flashing Agent Sealant by DAP.


It is always better to check the durability of waterproofing products because otherwise, it creates the problem again. Check whether it works under the wet condition or it is adhesive enough to stay up for a long time. Make sure it does not discolor or peel off under extreme weather conditions.

Cost of Flat roof waterproofing

The cost of a flat roof always depends upon the surface you want to waterproof. If the area is large then you must have to go for liquid rubber sealant however it will be a bit pricey, however, it completely blocks the rainwater. Although if you have a tight budget then you should go for a squeeze tube or spray.

For general the average cost required for roof surface cost between 1$ to 5$ per square feet if you are using silicone-based material.

Fix Rain Water Gutter Leaks

Filling gutter leaks helps in avoiding cracks and damages that arise at the corners. But this can be done by using a quality material product or membrane. The corners must be taken care of by using a proper layer of sealers and applied gently.

Importance of Membrane


Membranes are basically of two types: Acrylic and silicone. Acrylic is widely acceptable and works far better than silicone. Because they are relatively cheaper, with low VOC, ease of application is very and can be reapplied again after a long time. The additional layer of coating gives the roof a waterproofing base.

One major downside that we have seen people face is its durability. It does not work under the moisture condition even if being highly flexible.

Final verdict- How to Waterproof roof

Now you have gone through on how to waterproof a roof step by step guide. Well, make sure to collect the whole terrace waterproofing details to purchase according to the requirement. But in many cases, we have seen that where there is high running of water the problem causes again and you need to do again waterproofing a roof.

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