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How to Stay Organized

by Kayla Triplett 2 years ago in how to

A Guide to Staying Organized

Having a clear mind and a clear space allows you to think and act with a purpose. -Unknown

Making a List

Making a "to-do" list for the day may seem too simple, but it's the most effective way to start your day off right. Every morning or even before bed, I'll make a list of what I need to do that day or the day before so I can stay on top of what I need to do. You can make a long or short list of what you want to do for the day. If you're new I would recommend staring off with a small list so you don't get too overwhelmed, all at once. A to-do list is a great way to accomplish what you need to do and stay organized.

When to Start

I normally start off my day with breakfast, coffee and a cigarette in the morning. Just to get my day off on the right foot and be ready to start the daily tasks I set for myself. I wouldn't recommend smoking a cigarette if you don't already in case that wasn't obvious. Smoking has a series of health risks you'll be risking, but let's talk about organization.

The best time to start is typically in the morning when you first wake up because as the day goes on, you'll feel less motivated to get things done. I normally go through the list I made for myself and point out the most important ones to do first, then do the less important ones later. The reason for this is to not procrastinate on the important things that you need to get done and to get you in the habit of doing them consistently. I also recommend looking at some YouTube videos to see how other people organize their items and to look for styles that suits yours. Social media is a great way to find inspiration and projects you want to do. If you haven't heard of Pinterest, I highly suggest looking either on your computer or download the app on your phone. This is a wonderful tool to get inspiration and find your taste in organization techniques.

Getting Organized

Depending on what it is that you want to organize throughout your home, you will need to get some containers to keep certain items in one place. With some help of boxes, organizers, etc, you will be able to reach for something easier than it would have been if it was scattered. No one likes to waste time looking for something that they need right then and there. The best thing to do is collect everything in a pile, then go through the things you want to keep together. Once you pile the things you want to keep together, you can then place them in organization boxes or whatever you would like to use to store them in.

There are many resources and places you can find these items. Sometimes things can get pretty expensive. Makeup storage containers for example, can be very pricey so you'll want to look at a couple different places to compare prices of the item that best suits your needs. Unless you have the money to spend on the items, then just get the one that you like best. This is a simple, but a very cost effective way to stay organized on a budget. Over the years, Dollar Tree and other various stores have become popular for DIY's, decorations, organizations, etc. Definitely check out those places first to get a good deal and for those of you on a budget.

Staying Organized

I know you probably heard this from your mom growing up, but when you're done with whatever it was that you needed, put it back in it's spot. This will save you so much time later on and ensure that when you need it again, you wont spend hours looking for it or worse, buying the same thing and then finding it later on when it's too late. This has happened to me on so many occasions and I think, "Wow, I could have saved money if I would have known where I put it to begin with." Don't be like me, put the stuff back where you organized it to save you trouble later on. Continue to make "to-do" lists to stay on top of your organization game and keep things where they should be. Take each day one step at a time. When you make a huge list of what you want to do, it can be pretty overwhelming. Make a smaller list of what you need to get done and go from there.

I hope this helped some of you out there who feel overwhelmed with things you need to get done, just remember to take little steps each day and you will get what you want done in no time! These are just options you can use, don't feel obligated to use everything I talked about for your organization process. Everyone is different and some things work better for others. Explore some other options if these don't work well for you, but it doesn't hurt to try them out for a week or two so you can really decide if it does or doesn't work.

Until next time!


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Kayla Triplett
Kayla Triplett
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