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How to Save Thousands of Dollars

by LG Reagon 3 years ago in how to
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Drinks that Rob Us

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How to save hundreds of dollars a year!

How to save thousands of dollars over your lifetime!

Delicious hot brewed coffee in the morning. Fuel that gets thousands of people going every morning. Most will dash into the local coffee shop or stop at the convenient store and grab a cup on their way to work. Without that stimulating beverage, many would show up dragging their weight behind them like a boulder attached to a chain! With the cost of just about everything under the sun being exaggerated, have you ever considering brewing your own cup of coffee?

I researched and estimated that the average cost of a cup of coffee cost about $2.10 here in the States. Yes, it may be more or less wherever you are sitting sipping as you read this story. But I will stick with the $2.10 for the purposes of having an amount to prove my example. Those of us who work normally do so on a five day scheduling period. We make that old familiar stop on the way and fill up our cups or wait in line for a way underpaid employee to fill our order. Pay our hard earned cash for one cup of coffee and move on with our day. Some may do so but most people do not stop to think about how much money is being tossed away in everyday habits that, if broken, could save you hundreds of dollars a year. Thousands of dollars over your working career. Multiplied by a five day work week spending $2.10 every day for five days for five cups of coffee totals $10.50. Yeah, not much right? WRONG. With the average lifespan of a man in North America resting at age 70 and at age 74 for a woman, that daily habit can add up to nice little nest egg. By investing in a coffee maker and buying your own cups along with the necessities needed to brew your own wonderful cup of nectar, it is possible to bank around $30,576 by the time that you reach the age of retirement. If you add in the money that could possibly be saved by not buying individual bottles of water, soda, and juice drinks, then that total can more than double.

Here is how to do this:

  1. Buy a coffee maker. More expensive does not mean it will work better than a cheaper model. Because guess what? When that $200 coffee maker tears up, it is just as much junk as the $45 coffee maker. Remember that we are talking about saving money. If you research and learn how to clean the less expensive model it will last just as long as the one that you spent way too much money on.
  2. Buy the coffee that you like most. There are many different blends and sellers of coffee. After trying a few you will settle on a favorite brand. I promise making coffee will be the easiest part of your day. There are a variety of coffee flavorings on the market. Google coffee flavorings if you aren't familiar with the plethora of additives available for the coffee drinker in 2019.
    1. I am amazed that coffee shops still even exist with the crazy high prices charged for one cup of coffee. Even more amazed that they receive repeat customers. Even the wealthiest person alive is capable of making a pot of coffee. Or should be able to make one and if they can't, why not?
  3. Beside your coffee pot, get a savings jar. Every morning after you have made your coffee put IN the money that you would have spent on one cup of coffee. At the end of the first year, create a savings account and deposit that money into that account. Forget about it as you repeat that action for the next year and every year until your retirement. Then in addition to your 401k or whatever you have set up for your golden years, you will also have this extra cash. Oh! Some will say to invest it. That is your choice to do so. Just remember to never invest a penny unless you don't mind if you never see that penny again. Your coffee jar savings is yours. You get to watch it grow day after day, year after year. Then you can play with it as you deem fit!

Watch the money stack up and enjoy your coffee as well!

Life Tip #1: Save all that you can. Circumstances change quick.

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