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How to Paint Your Roof in Seven Easy Steps?

If you aren't too happy with your current roof and especially, how it looks - then all you need to do is to review the tips listed here

By Lauren WilliamsonPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
How to Paint Your Roof in Seven Easy Steps?
Photo by Jack Price-Burns on Unsplash

If you aren't too happy with your current roof and especially, how it looks - then all you need to do is to review the tips listed here. And importantly, make sure that you clean up and wash your roof completely. You need to make sure that the roof is completely dry before you start coating it with a new shade. And read the tips listed here as they should enable you to paint your whole roof, within a few hours. So check them out right away.

  • Check the roof: When it comes to roof painting in Auckland, the first thing that you must do is to double-check and see your roof is prepped up. Make sure that you use a step ladder, safety harness as you clamber onto the roof. You need to check to see if your roof has cracks or whether any of the pliers or tiles need to be completely replaced. Make sure that you carry out all the small repairs before you begin painting. Once the repairs are complete, wash the roof and get it prepped up. You can utilize a power washer for this stage at a 25-degree angle. And remember, you need to plan this on a sunny day. Peak summer should be perfect, for cleaning, washing, and painting your roof. Wait until all the moisture from your roof is gone, before you start painting. Or Mold is going to form, especially between the shingles.
  • Select the right paint: Roof painting in Auckland is not that hard when you consider the fact that the city is well stocked, as far as painting supplies, types of equipment are concerned. Choose the right shade for your roof and one which will weather up to the elements perfectly. Given that your roof is going to be exposed to the elements all year long, it makes sense to go ahead with water-based Acrylic paint. It should weather the elements quite well, leaving your roof sparkling in its new shade. Avoid latex-based paints, as they can facilitate both molds and rot.
  • Painting the roof: When it comes to the actual deed, you should be able to handle it on your own. Use the sprayer and the whole process should only take a maximum of three days. And if you do not have a sprayer or a hose that’s long enough. You can use paintbrushes and paint rollers. But keep in mind, that with brushes and rollers, it is bound to take twice as long.
  • Safety first: When it comes to clambering onto the roof, you need to take adequate measures, especially where your safety is concerned. Several homeowners have slipped off a steep roof while attempting to paint their roof. You certainly do not want to experience that first-hand, which is all the more necessary for you to wear non-slip shoes as well as have a safety harness on, at all times.
  • Use the painters’ tape: When painting your roof, you need to ensure that all your skylights, vents are covered up so that no paint can get through. Make sure that all your skylights and vents are covered up and sealed, using painters' tape.
  • Work from top to bottom: When painting your roof, anchor the ladder on top of the roof and work your way down. That is, work down the ladder and paint your roof as you go on.
  • Use the primer first: When painting the roof, make sure that you apply a thin coat of primer first. This is to ensure that the paint sticks on, and once you have applied it evenly, let it dry first. Once it has dried up, you should be able to start painting.

This is the process by which you handle roof painting on your own. Roof painting is not that difficult nor is it easy, make sure you review all the help notes before you even get started,


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