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How to Make an Abstract Painting Using Tissue Paper

Learn How to Create Beautiful Paintings Using Simple Techniques

By AlgiebaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Learn how to create beautiful paintings to decorate your home or to offer as a gift to your friends and family. You can learn different painting techniques and understand how to apply them. Before starting to paint a logical question arises. What is the best medium you should use? Oil colors are more difficult to use and the necessary solvents also require a certain amount of experience. As a beginner, you should start with colors such as gouache, watercolor, or acrylic colors. Watercolor and gouache require a different technique than acrylic colors because they remain active, that is underlying layers can be blended when we add water or other colors. By comparison, acrylic colors dry hard and new colors can be applied over them and therefore it allows the artist to work on layers. There are special colors used for glass or textiles and they have different characteristics, which have to be taken into consideration when starting to work.

Another aspect to be considered by the artist is the painting surface. Canvas, cardboard, wood, paper, or glass are some of those surfaces. For the color application, you can use brushes, which are of different types as well as other tools, such as sponges, tissue paper, cotton pads, etc. Buying brushes that have a better quality will prevent them from shedding or losing their shape. When you start a painting you should begin with the bigger brushes and then use the finer ones later on, for the details. You can wipe and dry your brushes with a paper towel, use a palette for color mixing, an old towel to clean and dry your hands, as well as a water container for the colors. To mix colors you can use a palette knife.

If you’re looking for new ways to get creative with color and make your house more beautiful, then here’s a fun technique to try at home, which is easy and therefore fit for beginners, called tissue paper painting!


Tissue paper

Paintbrush for mixing the colors

Painting palette



Take a corner of the tissue paper and fold it.

Prepare the paints on the palette, by mixing white and black. Prepare 2 or more different shades of grey paint on the palette. Each shade should be deeper than the other.

Take a corner of the tissue paper and fold it.

Start applying the paint on the top side of the canvas using tissue paper. After applying one grey shade, apply another, adding parallel lines on the canvas. Remember to also apply the color on the edge of the canvas, so that you can also hang the painting on the wall without a frame if you want.

Once the grey color is finished, take another tissue paper and apply the white color, by creating further parallel lines on the canvas.

Continue by drawing some black lines in the same direction, remembering that those lines should be thinner and shorter.

Now you can take another folded tissue paper and add the final color, gold.

Don't forget to add the color to the edge of the canvas, as well.

Now the painting is ready and all you need to do is let it dry. Additionally, after it has dried, you can also add a layer of varnish, if you want to make the paint more durable and increase the gloss. You can frame it, or simply hang it on the wall, without a frame, because you have also decorated the edges of the painting.

Your new painting will now decorate your home, and your friends and family will be able to admire your art.


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