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How to Make a Push Pin Travel Map

Are you a travel enthusiast looking for a way to preserve the memories of the places you have already visited and, at the same time, set a reminder for all the places that you wish to visit?

By Flora MayerPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Are you a travel enthusiast looking for a way to preserve the memories of the places you have already visited and, at the same time, set a reminder for all the places that you wish to visit? If yes, then putting a pin in all these places on a world map canvas is a great thing to do for a start. Such a map would be the best representation of your past and future adventures, coupled with the fact that it a perfect wall décor that would simply fit with every bedroom surroundings.

We cannot possibly exhaust the benefits of having a push pin wall canvas map in your home; the list is endless. But just to convince you a little more, you will love your map when your kids start using it as a study aid for their geography class. And because they can tell that you have traveled to many places on the map, they will see you as an authority figure on the subject, so they will be consulting you regularly. That will help them perform better in school, have a better understanding of the environment they live in, and respect you even more.

With a push pin travel map hanging majestically on one of your living room walls, you will always be reminded of how vast, beautiful, and welcoming the world is. Seeing the pin population grow gradually on the map will give you the satisfaction that you are still on the right course as you work towards your dream of seeing the world before you grow old. That also motivates you to keep traveling so that you can make the map even more attractive.

Your guests, on the other hand, will be treated to the unique magnificence of travel-inspired wall art whenever they visit your home. One more thing: You will never lack something to talk about, even on those long and boring winter nights, because a world map canvas is a natural conversation initiator. People will constantly be thrilled by the idea of you sharing stories of your adventures with them. And what’s more, if you have been traveling alone in the past and would now love to inspire some of your friends to join you for group adventure, the map will help you with that. No one would want to be left behind when it gets to touring the world with you, particularly after seeing how experienced you are within that field.

How to Make a Push Pin Travel Map

There is a variety of world map canvases for you to choose from. They vary in terms of size, color, and design. All you need to do is buy the color and size that suits your taste and home décor. If your living room walls are painted in bright colors, then a dull-colored canvas map can be a great addition. As for the sizes, you can get any size of your choice, ranging from 20 to 80 inches.

After purchasing the map, you will have the option of adding personalized text whenever appropriate. The text can be anything from a religious quote, your favorite music line, or even a quote from your favorite philosopher. Just be sure to choose the one that accurately describes your home, your travels, and your personality.

And now the most important part: using colorful push pins to mark off important places on the map. For optimal results, you will need three different colors for your pushpins: one color to mark where you have already vacationed, a different color for the places you’ve lived, and a third color to mark where you are dreaming of going. Keep the color scheme as consistent as possible in order to make the map readable.

Putting the push pins on the map can be a tedious process, particularly when done on the wall, so the best approach is to do it on the floor or a big table and then hang it after most of the pins are already well in place.


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