How to Make a Draw on Instagram?

Making a Draw on Your Instagram Story

How to Make a Draw on Instagram?
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Giveaways are often a very attractive social media strategy to capture the attention of the general public; can bring a great benefit through a small contribution. As a pleasant entertainment giveaway gear up users' excitement to participate and win as well. You will surely be interested in learning how to implement raffles on Instagram that allow you to achieve your goals. You must have certain very well-defined concepts to avoid making mistakes that affect your image. If you are interested to know about the customization of Instagram story highlights, you can find it on Google.

Contests or trivia

To talk about contests or trivia, we refer to certain actions carried out (questions, challenges, or votes) among the participants, from which a winner will be chosen through a jury based on objectives achieved.

To avoid discontent or suspicion of favoritism, try to establish a transparent jury system. If you are looking for support from influencers, they will report a greater promotion of participation.


In case of creating a draw, users generally will know that it is about playing with luck. Of course, participants will have to meet certain minimum requirements set and you will have to offer guarantees of an honest result. To start the draw logistics, you can make automatic applications for its management.

Factors to consider when launching a draw on Instagram

Before starting your first draw or contest, I recommend you to start by establishing certain elements in order of priority, which will guarantee success without suffering headaches.

Goal to start a giveaway on Instagram

The reasons for implementing a raffle can be very diverse. But the most common is linked to goal achievements proposed in your Instagram account can be based on the previous study of a particular topic. Some goals may attract more followers, promote a brand, encourage the interaction of publications, project your profile, etc.

Investment to carry out the draw on Instagram

This point is important since it is expected that the profit obtained from the draw will far exceed the money and time invested in the strategy. You will have to decide if you dedicate platforms such as Cool Tabs and Easypromos to manage the draw on Instagram. In addition to this, you will also include a contribution of ads on Instagram.

Services or products offered with awards on Instagram

When you implement a raffle, you will be addressing an audience that follows you for a specific reason. You must be aware of the likes of your followers. So the award should go in line with those tastes. Logically participants are eager to receive an award related with the theme that has hooked you. On the other hand, the raffle award must be adjusted to the best of your ability, should be original and attractive. Do not rule out the thematic dates of the contest. It is not logical to circumvent a snow team in the middle of summer. If you want to know, you can also follow – How to post videos on Instagram from your PC?

Responsible for managing the draw on Instagram

If you are going to delegate this function, try to assign this task to a subject connoisseur so they can make a good draw. The experience will avoid the risks of falling into "gray areas" of the contest which can end in conflict.

How to Make a Draw on Instagram?

Next, I will detail some simple steps that will allow you to carry out a raffle with the help of a great assistance platform Easypromos.

• Enter the Easypromos portal where you will have the applications for raffles. Choose the one that interests you, in this case it is Instagram.

• Link your Instagram account to the application, choose the type of giveaway you want to implement, and select the publication that will give you a promotion.

• Set the desired restrictions, if any. In this section you can define a minimum cap on mentions, the number of possible winners, and the number of substitutes to choose from.

• If one of the restrictions is that they must be followers of your gutter, your manual intervention will be necessary to carry out the respective checks.

• Finally, you must select the winner and proceed with the corresponding notification. By using the Easypromos platform, it will allow you to enjoy the first free draw.

Make the Instagram giveaway a success

For your draw to have a striking projection and achieve the set objectives, following are necessary:

• Promotion of the draw: Use the most popular media and social media. Activate marketing campaigns and lean on influencers.

• Fun and simple logistics: The easier the objectives of the contest, the better the general public will be.

• Worthy and eye-catching awards: Sometimes, it is good not to skimp on expenses and sacrifice a little the money invested, even if the benefits are palpable in the future.

• Transparent game rules: Avoid ambiguities or gray areas, the more transparent the procedure, the less social chaos you will create.

• Don't limit yourself: You should offer more than one reward to help generate the incentives more.

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