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How To Keep Your Building Cool With A Cool Roof In Summer?

by Vincent L. Wexler 2 years ago in house
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Ways to keep the Roof cool in Summer

How To Keep Your Building Cool With A Cool Roof In Summer?
Photo by Miltiadis Fragkidis on Unsplash

A cool roof is designed to maintain a low surface temperature in bright sunshine than a traditional roof. A cool roof’s surface reflects more sunlight and releases more heat than a hot or dark roof. The term “cool roof” is often used to describe any roofing surface that is cooler than a standard roof. The higher the solar reflectance and emissivity mean, the colder the roof.

Are you ready to save money, conserve energy and turn to your old, hot roof into a cool roof this summer? If so, let’s take a look at five unique cool roofs you can install to keep your building fresh.

Modified Bitumen Roof

One of the most common fresh roof options for a low-sloped or cool roof is a modified bitumen roof. This roof is made up of plastic or rubber materials with rolled reinforcing fabric and fastened to the roof deck with hot asphalt or cold adhesive. Traditional modified bitumen roofs are black or gray with low solar reflectance, absorbing instead of reflecting the sun’s light. Besides, you can apply a white coating over the surface of the material to raise the solar reflectance to acceptable refreshing roof standards.

Single-Ply Membrane

Another type of cool roofing material used for residential roofing in Ottawa is a single-ply membrane. Single-ply roofing is a pre-fabricated plastic or vinyl sheet containing solar reflective coatings. These sheets are rolled onto the roof deck with chemical adhesives or held in place with gravel, stones, or pavers. You don’t need any additional coatings or surfacing with a single-ply membrane as it is integrated with all cooling roof properties. There are many single-ply membranes, but polyvinyl chloride (PVC), thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), and ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) are some of the most common single-ply roofing.

Built-Up Roofing ( BUR)

If you are looking for an affordable, easy to apply, or easy to repair cooling roofing system for your home, Built-up roofing (BUR) is the best solution. It involves layering a base sheet of asphalt or bitumen with fabric followed by a protective gravel layer, mineral granules, or some aggregate rock.

Traditionally, the surface gravel in a built-up roof has been black or dark gray, trapping more light and heat than they release. However, there are many ways to make a built-up roof cool. One is to replace the surface layer with white gravel or reflective marble chips to increase its solar reflectance. You can add special coatings or pigments to your existing asphalt surface to convert a standard roof to a cool roof. This type of roof usually needs one coat of a reflective material and emissive material that releases heat.

Metal Roofing

An unpainted metal roof is a better choice for steep roofs than for flat or low-sloping roofs as it tends to hold heat in. A cool roof coating can improve the heat releasing properties of a metal roof. A standard unpainted metal roof can be a cost-effective solution for some steep-sloped applications as it doesn’t require additional materials to get cool roof status. Make sure you purchase the roofing material from an experienced roofing company such as Rest Assured Roofing to get a high-quality roof to keep your home cool this summer.

Ballasted Roofing Systems

Another best cool roof for your residential property is a ballasted roofing system. This roofing system provides an insulating barrier against solar heat like an old stone farmhouse that stays cool inside thanks to its thick stone walls. The ballasted roof is relatively inexpensive and can reduce the overall cost per square foot of a landscaped roof.

Shingles Or Tile

If you need a cooling roof for your steeper-sloped commercial buildings, shingles or tiles are the best roofing products. Coated granules – provide better solar reflectance – is better for cool asphalt shingles. Tiles are available with solar-reflective surfaces in various colors.

Here are other ways you can follow to keep your building cool this summer without increasing your utility bills.

  • Everything you plug into a socket produces heat. Unplug all unnecessary appliances or electronics when not in use.
  • A traditional 100 watt light bulb can increase the heat, so try natural light and high-efficiency lighting
  • Close your blinds from late morning until early evening to keep your room 10-15 degrees cooler
  • Shade the outside of the window to block the heat

The Bottom Line!

While these are unique and simple ways to keep your building – whether commercial or residential – cold without increasing the utility bills this summer, installing a cool roof plays a vital role, you can install any of the shelters that are mentioned above into your building. If you need cool commercial or residential roofing in Ottawa, contact us today!


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