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How To Have Real Work & Life Balance On YOUR Terms.

by Kyle Smith about a month ago in product review · updated about a month ago

Have a life that compliments your needs.

How To Have Real Work & Life Balance On YOUR Terms.
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Since The Pandemic.

It’s hard to say if life regarding employment will ever really change post pandemic since a majority of us were so used to being isolated and at home for over a year. Because when it comes to how many alternative options we now process with our busy personal lives, a steady job just doesn’t seem so vital for survival anymore. Especially with a new Forth Industrial revolution around the corner that’s liable to replace retail and factory workers with autonomous equipment that could perform the job faster.

Now several employers who laid off their workers last year, screaming for redemption with hiring bonuses and millions of jobs looking for fill up their positions after the vaccine being widely available since MArch of 2021. This reaction has left millions of people globally questioning the industrial programming they’d been taught from their parent’s and older families for generations:

*Go To College or Get a Job with your GED

*Go To The Army

*After college, get good paying job.

I’d like to believe that the industrial way of thinking has offically died out when Covid-19 affected our lives last year. We aren’t living in the 1950’s anymore and most universities offer degrees that are completely worthless.

I Wanted to choose when I work.

It’s safe to say that throughout the pandemic since finding a platform like Vocal, I’d firmly decided to solely pursue gigs based around my life and needs rather than around my job’s needs and wants. Because if we’re disposable to these companies during the pandemic to the employers who weren’t equipped to handle business during a pandemic then why reapply back to them? I was looking for a way to make money where I could choose when I work and for how long.

Of course, there were companies like Uber and Lyft that promised being able to work your own hours and being your own boss except, I didn’t have a vehicle to achive the gig nor was I willing to lease a car through their Uber Leasing programs. Of course there was Vocal and a few other various types of gigs throughout the internet, but still would ultilize much more of your time than advertised. I knew there had of been something for me to do before I finally ran out of my Pandemic Unemployment Assistance or I’d would be hanging on to a thread. It wasn’t until I was at one of my local gas stations that I bumped into one of my former co workers a week before my unemployment ran out that I discovered a way to work on my own schedule without compromising my time. Keep this antidote in mine for a minute as I explain my why to exactly the decision that lead up to me using this service.

Why Traditional Work doesn’t fit my needs anymore?

My problem was never the idea of working for someone else that wasn’t appealing but rather my level of committement with working for someone else or a family. You see up until I decovered a way to work on my own terms,I was just like you probably, working at a job I hated each and every week with no control of when i could have off. It was a dreadful cycle where I had absolutely no control over my life because everything revolved around the company I was working for and it sucked.

I’m not going to lie to any of you but getting up early in the morning and working 8 hours for 5 days a week each and every week cramped my style and was the most unapealing propisiton in my entire life. Then dealing with co workers who didn’t like me or had rumblings with didn’t help my cause either. You see, i was a man on a mission. I have a travel agency I was starting and the type of jobs I was working at the moment didn’t allow me the time and freedom to truly travel or use the very services I myself was selling to others. It was the pettiest situation I had ot ever endear and it made me look like a phony travel agent. Because real travel agents travel. So I couldn’t I?

And it damages my credibility as well. Because no one would believe I travel for a living if I’m always set on a fixed work schedule at a daytime job. So something had to give, I couldn’t allow a regular job to tarnish the very thing i was building for myself and people i loved. I guess during the pandemic also, folks were getting tired of living to work. It didn’t make sense to do something on someone else’s terms just to pay bills and taxes. I didn‘t like it and still don’t.

In fact, when I was working at McDonald’s, I was frustrated because I never had control over my schedule or when I wanted to work. The co workers and their toxic and miserable issued that they dragged to work with them, made working there even more unbearable and endearing. When I was dating my ex girlfriend, one thing I took away from her was, unlike myself and several other people i knew locally, she already traveled the world and got a change to do the things she loved because she wasn’t tied down to a 9-5 job. That was my biggest mistake: For the last two decades, while I was working to pay the bills, I could of had the freedom and time to see the world and enjoy the moments in life rather than waste them.

I decided to Use This One App To help me Accomplish Work And Life Balance.

As I was at the gas station in line to purchase my snacks, I bumped into my former co worker from McDonald’s who knew I was looking for work. Because me and him worked together before, he already knew that I hated McDonald’s and wanted freedom to work on my own terms. So he sat me down att he cafe area of the gas station’s cafe and pulled out his busted Android phone and showed me an app (CLICK HERE)where I could work for companies as a temp worker but choose my own hours and the days I prefer to work.

The idea was simple:

1.You downloaded the app,

2.Fill out the information, Tweak the type of work you wish to do, how far you’re willing to travel and other job preferences

3.Meet up with your local branch to take an assessment and when done, you were ready to work. They give you a prepaid card (which you can connect to your primary bank account to transfer funds)

4. On the app, you just look at the available jobs listed in your area, if you find a job that matches your availablility, just click (I’ll Take It or No Thanks)

5. When you find A gig you’d like to work, press ( I’ll take it )and you will receive a job ticket with the date and time of the gig. You show up at the gig, clock in, do the job, and get paid instantly the next day.

This will truly give you the flexibility that a traditional job won’t allow you to have while giving you a change to learn a new skill and trade. You arne’t obligated to work any type of job if you wish not to and this is ideal for those who need some extra money on the side. I highly recommend this service for those who wish to make some extra money on the side around their busy lives.

product review

Kyle Smith

I’m an entrepreneur,up and coming manga artist, and an Apple tech guy.

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Kyle Smith
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