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How to get Custom Eyeliner Boxes at a Wholesale rate?

by Henry Ben 4 months ago in product review

Eyeliner Packaging

How to get Custom Eyeliner Boxes at a Wholesale rate?

The increased demand for eyeliners and the ruthless competition among eyeliner manufacturers lead to the development of a more sophisticated packaging style. The Custom Eyeliner Boxes are becoming a necessity for all renowned brands. The box is a style statement that influences the audience directly and tempts them to buy the product due to the chic packaging style. The Eyeliner Boxes Wholesale is an expression of the quality of the product being packaged. Every brand is coming up with more creative packaging designs.

Desire Shapes and Sizes of Eyeliner Boxes Wholesale

Just a box is not enough to represent the individuality of the brand. The custom eyeliner boxes are molded in forms and shapes to stand out among all other products. The shape of the eyeliner box can be transformed from the usual cuboidal to the diamond, cylindrical or pentagonal box. Detailing the box with handles or ribbons enhances the beauty of the box. With the use of add-on stones, pearls, or sequins the box is made appealing for young girls and teenagers. The Custom Eyeliner Boxes are designed according to the target audience and the requirements of the individual brand. The box type can be changed from sleeve to lid and base type. Various types used for Eyeliner Boxes are front tuck double-layered, auto bottom box, or reverse tuck box. The box dimensions are altered according to the type and shape of the eyeliner such as gel-based, liquid eyeliner, or marker form of eyeliner.

Eyeliner Packaging

High-Quality Printing of Eyeliner Packaging

The printing on the box makes the Eyeliner Boxes irresistible with the sleek eyeliner images printed on them. The printing is secured with the AQ coating and has undergone the UV spot treatment for the creation of realistic effects. The use of color combination can be mesmerizing and the text is written on the box should be captivating. The font style and size are varied for each brand. The silver and gold foiling is offered with matte or glossy lamination. The specifications are taken down by the client. The logo is distinguished from the rest of the text by embossing and debossing features. The print designing is done by the expert team of graphical designers which creates a unique print design for the brand. The colors depict a whole new mood and the unique printed Custom Eyeliner Boxes can be used as give-away articles on bigger occasions like bridal showers, birthdays, and baby showers.

Custom Eyeliner Box

Purposes of Custom Eyeliner Boxes In Cosmetic

The purpose of the box is not only to allure the audience but also to protect the eyeliner. We make Custom Eyeliner Boxes from strong and durable material that is capable of retaining its form and do not allow dust and moisture to enter the box even after long storage hours. The safe delivery of eyeliner to the client is made possible with Custom Eyeliner Boxes. The boxes are provided to the companies at very optimal quality maintenance. The customized Eyeliner Packaging is shown to engage more audiences than usual and lead to an increase in the number of sales of the brand. The surge in sales leads to the indefinite growth of business and that is maintained with the constant standardization of the quality. Older customer retention is as vital as the addition of new customers. This is guaranteed with the top-notch quality exclusively designed Eyeliner Boxes Wholesale.

Eyeliner Boxes Wholesale

Why Orchard Packaging Best for Custom Boxes?

Orchard Packaging is the ideal choice for eyeliner customized boxes available at modest rates. The feasible price is the major factor for the selection of the right packaging company. The eyeliner packaging we manufacture with the custom features is made readily available to the brands within their budget. We do not charge extra for the die and plate and shipping. We deliver the Custom Eyeliner Boxes to your doorstep anywhere in the world with no additional charges according to the free shipping policy. Shipping is a tedious process and demands energy and money. We let the brand save energy and money and provide them with a safe and reliable shipment. We provide the customer with a test product digitally and the approval is taken from the client. After the approval of design and printing by the client mass production of the custom, boxes are done. The deals and amazing discounts are offered to all the valuable customers. Eco-friendly material is used for the manufacturing of the customized eyeliner boxes. These boxes provide a user-friendly experience with safe discarding options. The Custom Boxes Wholesale are dumped and are converted into clay and help in the replenishment of the nutrients. The sustainable material helps to keep the earth green and protects from the harmful effects of toxins.


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Orchard Packaging is a US-based manufacturing company. We are providing all kinds of Custom Printed Boxes at wholesale rates with fast and free shipping.

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