How to Fix Leaking Taps and Toilets at Your Place?

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Leaking Taps and Toilets

How to Fix Leaking Taps and Toilets at Your Place?

Often we do not take care if there is any leaking taps or toilets. We might think it’s a small thing and ignore it. But this can cause major issues like busted pipes etc. It is important to take care of every leakage in the toilets at our home. There are many reasons behind why the toilets leak. However, there are many services offered for fixing the leaking taps and toilets. Fixing a tap will save around 10,000 liters of water a year. If not repaired on time, it can develop into a major problem that can make you spend a ransom for repairs.

Steps to Fix Leaking Taps and Toilets

The taps in toilets are the ones we use regularly and it gets repair easily. The frequent flushes and use of the taps for more than three to four years tend to break the thread inside them. Therefore, it is common to get them repaired. However, you can inspect the issue and do the precautions possible so that the problem does not grow serious. That is to say, you can do the repair by yourself if the issue is small. Check the following steps to fix the leaking taps and toilets at your home.

1. Cut off the water supply: The foremost step is to test the float of the ballcock. The float of the ball rises up to a certain level and gets shut once it reaches the limit. If there is a problem with this, then the problem might be in the inlet valve. Therefore, the water supply to the toilet can be cut down and then the problem can be checked.

2. Inspecting the inlet valve: If you find this mechanism is disturbed, that is the water flow does not stops and leaking, then you need to lift the rod to check whether the flow stops. To clarify, check by flushing the toilet and look for water rising. If this stops when the knob is turned down, then the problem can be with the float.

3. Adjust the float: After knowing the leaking taps and toilets is not caused due to the inlet valve, the next thing is to check is the float. Every ballcock has an adjustable screw which helps in adjusting the float level. When it is adjusted, you can notice the water flow stops. However, if the water is not stopped, then the problem is in the float. A new rod and the float can be replaced if the problem persists. After replacement check for the leakage to find if the toilet taps work better.

4. Assembly replacement: You can also try removing the line of supply that is connected to the bottom of the ballcock to find whether the leaking taps and toilets stop. If not, then you can unscrew and assemble with the new set of equipment.

5. Flapper testing and replacement: If all is done and still you find your toilet leaking, then you need to check the flapper. You can turn off the water supply and check for the water drop in the tank. If the level drops even after fifteen minutes, then the problem is sure with the flapper. You need to replace it by draining the tank and fixing it with the new one.

To sum it up, it is now easy to fix leaking taps and toilets easily with the above steps. However, if the problem still persists, then you should call a professional plumber to analyze for further issues that cannot be sorted out by you.

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