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How to Check Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

Is there a real way to see who looks at your Facebook profile?

By Get AssistPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Social media platforms are growing when it comes to the privacy of a user and are quite keen on offering every bit of info that can make the user experience a bit better.

Facebook also has been a role here as they have launched a new feature where you can check who views your profile. While it is only for IOS devices as of now, today we will be bringing you some ways using which you can also check and know about your social stalker.

Ways on How to Tell Who Looks at Your Facebook Profile?

  • Using the official way to check who viewed your FB profile

Facebook gives you an option to see who viewed your profile. The only catch about this is you can only view the profiles who have visited your account in the past 30 days.

You can simply access this feature by logging in to your account. Access the drop-down menu where you will find the "privacy shortcuts" option. From there you can easily access the "who viewed my Facebook profile" option.

The sad thing about this feature is that you can only access this feature on IOS devices. Rumor has it that the feature will be available for android users in April.

  • Using the manual method to view (only for desktop users)

This method is often regarded as time-consuming but it is by far the most efficient and the most used method to see who views their profile. For this method, you will need to visit your Facebook profile timeline page. From there you will need to right-click anywhere on the page to select the view page source option. Now all you need to do is to follow the on-screen instructions to execute this method with relative ease.

Once you have done this, you will see a 15-digit number on your screen. Copy the given number and then paste it with as a suffix. The profile that shows up first will be the one that has visited your profile the most.

  • Using a Google Chrome extension

This method is known to be the most reliable one when it comes to checking who visited your profile. Not only is it quite easy to begin with, but it also saves you a lot of time. All you need to do is to get the social profile extension page. Once you are on that page, the option of add to chrome will be right there on the top right side of your screen. Download the extension and once it is done, click on it.

Once you are done, open and now access your account using your login details. Now you will be able to see every new visitor on the timeline bar where the option of a visitor will be available. You can simply click on it to see who visited your profile.

This method is also the answer to the famous "How to see who views your Facebook profile who are not friends?".

  • Using IOS applications to execute

An IOS app that goes by the name of social fans can help you out in checking who visits your profile. This application will provide you with complete information about who visited your profile. Although the platform has launched a new feature that allows the same, users who find it difficult to use that feature can opt for this application. You can get it from the iTunes store without spending a penny.

Final words

The answer to this is you can't see who views your profile as Facebook as the platform doesn't allow that irrespective of the type of account that you use. The closest you get to know about your Facebook profile visitors, you have to use third-party tools.

For more info, you may contact the official help center of Facebook or you can also visit the website for read more blogs.

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