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How to Be an Ideal Neighbor

by Danny Margagliano 2 years ago in house
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Learn to be a good neighbor by following these tips

Relationships play a vital role in our lives as humans, and one of such relationships is that between neighbors. Your neighbors play a very huge part in shaping your home life. Nobody wants an inconsiderate and unfriendly neighbor as they make you start to reconsider your choice of neighborhood. Respectful and friendly neighbors, on the other hand, help to create a positive environment and make your street a welcome community to live in.

Certain expectations and responsibilities fall on you and your family to become the “ideal” neighbor, the best possible neighbor that you can be. Read below for a few tips guaranteed to make you and your family ideal neighbors.

1. Introduce Yourself

If you are new to a neighborhood or a new family moves in next door, find time to introduce yourself. A simple “hello” is just fine. If you feel like it, you can also give the new arrivals a small moving in gift ranging from a friendly card to a basket file with goodies. You could also offer them any local tips like what time the mailman or the garbage truck stops by.

2. Remain Mindful Of Your Pets

Not everyone loves animals and this is why you should try to keep your pets under control. Respect your neighborhood by following all local laws on the subject of pet ownership. You should have your pets vaccinated and licensed. Put them on a leash when they’re in your front yard or neighborhood. Finally, respect your neighbors by practicing common courtesy of picking up your pet’s poop.

3. Be Aware Of Shared Walls and Spaces

If you are sharing walls with a neighbor, you should make sure to cut down on any noisy activity that can make your neighbor uncomfortable. You can find out your neighbors' work and sleep schedules and keep that in mind whenever you’re watching a loud movie or listening to some loud music or; this is being respectful and considerate. Also try to maintain any space that you share with your neighbors, be it a yard, an entrance or a hallway. Do your part to keep them as nice as possible.

4. Maintain Your Landscape

As much as you want to express your creativity and individuality with your landscape, it is important that a consistent appearance is maintained from home to home. Colors should complement, trees and shrubs should be trimmed and so on. Maintaining the appearance on the outside of your home is important to the value of all the properties in the neighborhood.

5. Keep Your Yard and Garden Neat

Take responsibility for your yard and garden and endeavor to care for them. Create a lawn maintenance timetable that includes consistent mows all year round in order to avoid overgrown grass that can be very unsightly. Trim back your bushes and trees, clean up your flower beds and make sure to collect and dispose of any fallen leaves. There is always an option to hire a professional lawn service if you don’t think you can handle these on your own.

6. Inform Your Neighbors Ahead Of Parties

Anytime you would be having a crowd over and you expect that there would be loud music and rowdiness, the onus falls on you to inform your neighbors about this party/get together and give them an idea of the start and finish time. You might even them to the party if you're on good terms.

7. Proper Parking Etiquette

Respect every neighbors’ parking space. Never block their access or encroach on their space in a shared driveway. Avoid over-revving your engine, shining headlights into their windows or slamming your doors.

8. Lend a Helping Hand

Once in a while, you can volunteer to do small favors for your neighbors if you spot them struggling with a task.

9. Be security conscious

You don’t have to be in the neighborhood watch to keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior in your neighborhood. Be quick to alert your neighbors in case of any security issues/occurrences. Be diligent, but don’t be invasive, respect your neighbors’ privacy.

The above tips should help you to become an ideal neighbor and build a very positive environment in your neighborhood.


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