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How Skip Bins Became Popular for Waste Management

Skip Bins

By George harleyPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Skip bins in Melbourne have always been known as huge containers used to take in bulk waste and remove it from a site. It is believed that these skip bins were historically made in the United Kingdom and were slowly adopted for waste management in other parts of the world, including Australia, where they are commonly employed at construction sites to remove debris and to move heavy items from one spot to another.

While their utility has made them common for industrial usage, households also use skip bins in Sydney and other parts of Australia. They help users in spring cleaning, home renovation projects and in moving items to new homes. Instead of buying a bin, households can just rent them for a few days and remove all waste from their sites in an organised way.

How can you choose the right bin for your long-term or one-off requirements?

Before picking up a skip bin for your project, you must be well aware of your exact requirements in terms of size and features you need in that container. If you are making the investment for the first time, it is good to compare a few bins online. The particular points to check should be:

  • What are the different sizes available and what are the rentals or sale prices of bins in different sizes?
  • What items can you put in the bins and are there certain things that the bin cannot be used for?
  • Would you need a permit to park the skip bin outside your property
  • Does the vendor also supply hook lift bins and if so in what size and price/rental range?

Hazardous items are not permitted to be kept in skip bins. These usually include but are not limited to fuel cylinders, arms & ammunition, toxic chemicals and flammable or reactive materials. Skip bin suppliers in Australia can provide a list of exact things that they do not allow in their skip and hook lift bins.

When you take skip bins on hire, your skip bin supplier may also you in transporting the waste or loaded materials to recycling plants or other facilities / sites where the load needs to reach.

If it is not practicable to drive a huge bin to the parking spot on your site, you can order a smaller bin that can make multiple trips for the transmitting of items to be moved.

One of the most commonly used skip bins across Australia is the Marrel Skip bin. It comes in the size range between 2 cubic meters and 17 cubic meters. It has tall sidewalls but is not very long and therefore does not occupy significant amount of space. You can park it in an area needed for an average sized car.

Some skip bin manufacturers in Australia also supply other industrial and agricultural products such as F.R.P grating, expanded metal, steel grating & handrails, cattle handling equipment and composite decking. They export such items to multiple countries in Asia Pacific region. As an example, several stocks of cattle panels in UAE are imported from Australia.

From their deep roots in the UK to the present day usage across the world, skip bins are useful storage boxes that will make your material handling work much easier than what it seems.

Author Bio: Australia based New Bridge Services is a licensed manufacturer and direct supplier of a wide range of industrial and construction- support products. These include skip bins, hook lift bins, and scaffolding equipment. To check the entire range and get brochures, log on to

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