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How Do You Crochet a Granny Square?

by Zari's Diary 3 years ago in crafts
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Let me teach you!

Have you always wanted to learn how to crochet? Are you tired of experiencing confusion when learning a new crochet pattern? Well..congrats! You have found the right video! Why is the "Beginner's Guide: How to crochet a granny square" important? Granny Squares are beginner projects! Now, I'm going, to be honest! The first time I ever crocheted a granny square it did not turn out the right way. My square was crooked and it's stitching was too tight. I quickly unraveled my work to create a new square. After practicing and learning a few crochet abbreviations, the pattern became easy. Yes! child! This square pattern is easy! All you have to do is learn a few simple stitches. Watch the video to learn or follow the written instructions below!

For this project you will need:

- Two Balls of Yarn

- Crochet Hook of Your Choice

- Scissors

Crochet Abbreviations for this Pattern:

ALT - Alternate

Ch - chain

DC - Double Crochet

DCS - Double Crochets

SL ST - Slip Stitch

Crochet Term:

Corner Cluster - 3 dcs, ch 2, 3dcs

Pattern/round 1:

First, start with a slip knot on your crochet hook then chain 4. Next, sl st into the first chain to form a small ring.

Note: If you do not want to use this method of making a ring create a magic loop! Please watch the video above to see a demonstration.

Ch 3 from the ring (counts as first dc). Crochet 2 dcs in the ring and then ch 2. Now, make 3 dcs in the ring and then ch 2 again. Congrats! You made your first corner cluster.

Repeat, 3 dcs in the ring and ch 2 for two more rows until you form what looks like a square with a cross in the middle. When you are done sl st at the top of your square.

Round 2:

Attach your alt color yarn by tying it to one of the corners from round 1. Next, ch 3 and make 2 dcs in the corner then ch 2. Then you are going to make three dcs in the corner. Now, you have the first corner cluster for round 2!

Ch 1 across and make another corner cluster in the corner from the previous round. Repeat, corner cluster, ch 1 across and make another corner cluster until you are done with the round. Sl st at the top of the square when finished.

Round 3:

For this round attach your first color yarn to one of the corner clusters from round 2. Make a corner cluster, ch 1 and crochet 3 dcs in the ch 1 space from the previous round. Next, ch 1 again and create another corner cluster. Repeat until you are finished with the round.

Round 4 & 5:

Repeat round 3 to finish rounds 4 & 5.

Note: When working rounds 4 & 5 be sure to crochet 3 dcs in each ch1 space on all sides of the square.

When you finish pat yourself on the back! You just made a beautiful granny square!

You can use the square as a hot pad or a table coaster for drinks. Also, if you crochet individual granny squares try sewing them together. This will create a granny square blanket. I will do a video in the future about this topic.

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