Helping the Economy

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Covid-19 Crisis

Helping the Economy

With many countries in lockdown, or about to be in lockdown. The Economy is suffering.

We have hard times ahead and I believe we should all do everything we can to help. We need to save business and keep people in jobs. If we don’t help, when all this is over we will come back to a very sparse, leisure industry.

With the lastest government announcements in the UK. Things are looking a little brighter with the government committing to paying 80% of workers salaries (up to £2500) and also the additional support for businesses. This support is going to help a lot of people. We still need to do everything we can to make sure there are businesses left when this is all over. So every little helps.

I’m going to list some ideas of how we can all help the economy. Let’s see what we can do if we all work together.

1. Support local businesses.... this means the independent corner shops, butchers, greengrossers. You will be able to get most essentials at these shops without venturing out to the big supermarkets, they will also be less busy, helping to maintain social distancing.

2. STOP PANIC BUYING. Yes, you..... stop buying all the toilet role 🤦‍♀️. Under lockdown you are still allowed to go to the shop to buy essentials, so you don’t need a years worth of toilet roll.

3. Use the milkman (not sure if this is just a UK thing) if you can’t get milk, orange juice, eggs... put an order in with the milkman. These will be delivered to your house and you won’t have to worry about finding them in the shops. Also the milkman will be glad of the business and it might just make milk deliveries more common again.

4. Encourage restaurants to start a takeaway/delivery service. Then you can support these businesses buy ordering a cooked lunch/ dinner from your favourite restaurant, they still get income. You get great food and the staff keep their jobs. It’s a win win.

5. Pubs... any pubs fancy starting a delivery service? I’ve got a feeling it would go down quite well.

6. Theatres - continue to book tickets for upcoming shows. Even if the shows are months in advance. Even dates for next year. The rolling income will help theatres to survive.

7. If you have a bit of spare cash, buy some things to keep you occupied during isolation. This could be something as simple as a couple of puzzles, a crossword book or a knitting pattern. It could be home gym equipment to help with your fitness levels, or (like me 🙈) it could be an Xbox (I couldn’t help myself). All these things will help keep various businesses ticking over and keep staff employed.

8. Do some decorating. The supplies you buy will help businesses, and afterwords your home will look great.

9. Buy gift cards for your favourite restaurants. You can use them when they reopen. And the cash will help them now.

10. Support your favourite bands and artists... you know that tour short you wanted, Now’s the time to buy it. If your favourite artist has an online merchandise shop, head there to support them. Musicians and performers are all unable to work during the current crisis, a lot are self-employed and now unable to make any income at all. A little support is better than non at all. Also you could buy tickets for re-scheduled gigs. It’s all going to help.

11. Buy future holiday. Plan your trips for next year. By doing this the travel industry will have a small amount of rolling income to help them through.

12. Offers for the NHS, emergency workers, key workers. If your business is in a position where it can still offer some goods or services at a reduced rate for key workers, please get this information out there. As a key worker myself we will be the people still out there buying things, make us want to come and use your services and we can support you in these hard times.

Hope that gives some ideas of how you can help businesses to survive in these uncertain times.

Remember, be kind. Your efforts will be remembered, don’t forget if you are one of those hoarding all the toilet roll people will remember. If you are angry towards the retail staff, people will remember. We’re all in this together, so let’s make the most of it.

Please check out my next blog on things to keep you busy whist in isolation.



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