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Guide To Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1688

Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1688

By Robert johnPublished 3 years ago 2 min read
Canon Printer Error Code 1688

Canon printers have a quite good number of customers. The printers offered by Canon are good in quality for which people prefer to use them. Nowadays, like other companies, Canon also comes with new models which are rich in technology. But, these new technology printers are also unable to escape from the errors which appear in the canon printer. It is an irritating experience when in the middle of a printing job we have to stop because of an error. One of those errors which appear in the canon printer is the error 1688 that indicates the problem in the ink system. Here we discuss what Canon Printer Error Code 1688 is and also the procedure how to remove the canon printer error 1688 from the printer. Talk with the team of Canon Printer Customer Support when you face any issue related to the canon printer.

What is Canon printer error 1688?

There are lots of errors that appear in the canon printer. Some of those can be removed by performing troubleshooting. One of those errors is Canon Printer Error Code 1688 which is shown by your canon printer when the ink cartridges are exhausted. But, surprisingly sometimes this canon printer error code appears when there are ink cartridges as needed. There are various reasons for this issue. It may appear because the ink is unable to pass through the sponge that makes your canon printer show the error message 1688. There are lots of ways to remove this issue from your Canon printer. One of those ways we are going to discuss below. For issues related to canon printer, you can take help from the team of Canon Printer Customer Support.

Steps to Fix Canon printer error 1688:

By following some easy steps, you can troubleshoot the canon printer error 1688. Some of those steps are as follows;

Start the process of troubleshooting the canon printer error 1688 by switching on your computer and then log in to your administrative panel by using the password.

Now go to the “Start” button by using your mouse or windows key which is on the keyboard.

Next, you have to click on the Control Panel and here you have to find out the Hardware and Sound from the list that appears on the screen.

In the next step, you need to click on the Devices and Printers and after that, you have to click on the “Add a Printer” option.

After that, you have to select “Add a local printer” or “Add a wireless network”. Then you have to choose the name of your Canon printer in the dialogue box.

Now, select the Canon Printer Preferences in the dialogue box so that you can open up the maintenance program.

In the maintenance section, you can see the ink level warning signal.

You can disable the ink level warning indicator by clicking on the radio box which is beside the option. By doing this, you can undo the message and it also stops the message from appearing on the main screen.

When you have finished applying the steps above, you have to click on the apply button now.

In the final stage, you can close the dialogue box. Thus you can remove the error and continue printing without any problem.

So these are the steps by following which you can easily troubleshoot error 1688 from your Canon printer. If you face any issue in performing these steps, you can take help from the team of Canon Printer Customer Support.

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