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Custom Nail polish boxes

By Sophia LilyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Custom nail polish boxes Wholesale

Nail polishes are becoming a mandatory part of fashion trends. The inspirational manicures are being loved by teenagers. All over social media, you’ll see fashion bloggers with nail arts and special nail enamels. Nail polish manufacturers are increasing in number and have come up with a variety of forms such as matte, glittery, nail art designs, and stamps. In earlier days, the least attention was paid to the Nail Polish Packaging. but with the rising competition audience demand competent packaging. We provide you with premium quality Nail Polish Boxes. These nail enamels are winning the hearts of the audience with their customized boxes. Sales of a brand are seen to be improving by the incorporation of customized boxes. Top-notch exclusive boxes enable your brand to get a highlighted place in the market.

Custom nail polish boxes and packaging

Custom nail polish boxes are turned into statement-style packaging with the help of printing. The colorful vibrant prints impart life to the box. We offer to extinguish prints with the logo designed by a team of experts. print designing is offered free of cost which gives your box a unique outlook. Enhancing features like embossing, debossing, and raised ink are used. We make the print waterproof by AQ coating. The spot UV treatment cures the mesmerizing box by targeted curing adding texture to the box. Description About nail polish manufacturing is printed on the box in different font styles. The base of the box is printed in various color schemes or kept simpler by mono-color, PMS, or CMYK printing. Visual description of nail enamels is shown by nail images printed on the box with alluring drawings or prints. Floral and pastel prints are used. The finishing of the Nail Polish Packaging is kept matte, glossy, or glittery by the use of lamination sheets as per the preference of the client.

Different shapes and styles of custom nail polish boxes

We design boxes in various designs for nail polishes. The box can be turned into different shapes rather than simple cubes. The Nail Polish Packaging Boxes can be of lid and base type, clamshell-type, sleeve type, pillow type, front tuck double-layered, auto-bottom or reverse tuck type. Dimensions of the box can be customized by altering the number of nail paints packed in a single box. We allow the client to make alterations to the box for the enhancement of beauty. The box can have transparent PVC-lined die-cut windows in striking shapes. Ribbons and accessories can be used to turn the box into a gift package. The handles can be attached for convenient carrying and can make the box captivating.

Eco-friendly Custom nail polish packaging Boxes wholesale

Environmentally safe Nail Polish Packaging Boxes are made from organic materials such as Kraft, cardboard, buckboard, or corrugated material. The boxes are reusable and do not cause harm to the atmosphere. They are simply recycled by a process known as biodegradation. The boxes are feasible to use and are discarded with as much ease also. The quality of the material is maintained despite the cheap prices. Nail Polish Boxes Wholesale are made from robust material that helps in retaining the form of the box during transfers. Customers can get customized boxes with horoscope names or can be printed with a tv series fanbase. Boxes do not allow the entry of dirt or moisture in the box and are capable of resisting extreme external climatic conditions. Eye-catchy boxes are gaining the brand with new clients. we help you retain your older customers by the maintenance of standard quality. Struggling brands can promote their nail polishes with effective marketing through customized packaging.

Why choose GoToBoxes

We love facilitating our clients and are coming up with policies to make their business grow. For ease of the client and to make them burden-free from the tedious task of consignment delivery we have developed a free shipping policy. The Custom Boxes are reliably delivered to you anywhere in the world in their best form. For the convenience of clients, a website has been developed. Now you can get the quotation for your specific order while being at home. Visit our website for detailed information about packaging. Furthermore, we offer efficient customer representative support that works 24/7 to assist you with all types of queries.


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