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Garden, Beach or Terrace: How to Choose the Perfect Sunbed?

by Sunshine Jane 10 months ago in house
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Garden, Beach or Terrace: How to Choose the Perfect Sunbed?
Photo by Cameron Smith on Unsplash

When choosing a sunbed for your garden or pool, there are many alternatives, so it is not uncommon to have doubts about which sunbed is the one that best suits your needs.

Different materials, functionalities, prices, water resistance, aesthetics … to this is added the fact that there are hundreds of suppliers that offer this product both in stores and on the Internet.

Which one to choose? In this article we offer you a series of guidelines for choosing the best deck chair.

Garden and pool sunbeds are not only used during the summer. On many occasions, especially in spring and autumn, these are an element that will help us to enjoy the few rays of the sun and to rest in our favorite space.

Garden sunbeds can be made of different materials, such as resin sunbeds (very durable and light, resistant to both weight and ultraviolet rays), aluminum (distinguished by elegance and beauty, being light and durable due to the properties of aluminum) and synthetic rattan (imitation of natural rattan, but without the inconvenience of wearing natural materials).

However, the material is not the only criterion to consider when choosing a deck chair that will accompany us for a long time.

We also have to deal with other questions, such as where they will be used, what use we will give them, design, comfort, price, and so on. It may sound like a headache, but it's worth it when you know that these criteria will ensure that the choice is the right one.

Where will they be used and what use will you give them?

One of the main questions will be to determine where and for what we will use the sunbed we want to buy. We have selected four outdoor spaces in which it is important to make some differentiations.

Sunbed for the pool

Whether we have a private pool at home, in the countryside or even a business, pool loungers need to be water resistant, sun exposed to humidity, humidity, temperature changes and, most importantly, comfortable.

The best option is one that has textile, a material that is particularly resistant to the conditions mentioned above.

Padded sunbeds are not a bad option, but water can damage the lining and is not the most preferable.

In this sense, we recommend garden sunbeds, because many of them have this durable material.

Garden chair.

When it comes to decorating our garden, we must take special care in choosing the design, because this will guarantee us an elegant and comfortable space where we can make barbecues, read, spend time with our family or friends.

The rattan deck chair bet is a winning bet that, along with the upholstery or upholstery, will make your garden a charming place.

Terrace sunbed.

If you do not have a pool or garden, but you have a terrace that you have not yet decided what to use, furnishing it with a few sunbeds can be an excellent option.

In this case, it is very important to keep in mind that the space on the terraces is usually limited, so we should not buy something that unnecessarily reduces the surface, something lighter and simpler is more appropriate.

Sun lounger for the beach.

Going to the beach is always a comforting experience, especially when you are well equipped to spend some time on the beach, and for this a folding and easy to carry sunbed is always good.

It should also be light and not too big, but allowing us to rest.

What to consider when it comes to comfort

In terms of the comfort of the sunbeds, attention to some features can give us the essential moment of rest we need.

For example, we need to think carefully about whether we prefer our upholstered sunbeds, which will ensure greater comfort, as they can be used directly and at any time.

Or if we prefer them with synthetic fibers knowing that they will have to be used with a towel, sarong or cloth. Something to consider is also whether it comes with a headrest or some kind of pillow to enhance comfort.


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