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Freyja Thor's Toro

From the Office of DA Mayor
Herbert worshipping the Goddess Freyja

In modern Western civilization, most cultures have accepted the concept of a monotheistic belief system. Whether you are a follower of Christianity (fist bump to Jesus), believe in Allah and his prophet Muhammed or are of the Jewish faith, there is only one true God. But back in the day, religion wasn’t so simple. Each culture had an entire pantheon of gods looking out for the various aspects of their lives. And these gods are well known, even in today’s society, and make up the many mythologies we study and become familiar with.

Some of the more famous examples come from the ancient Greeks, who had three main gods: Zeus, who ruled over the heavens, Poseidon, who was the ruler of seven seas and lastly Hades, who got stuck presiding over the underworld. But they weren’t the only ones with a parthenon of deities. The Roman Deities were essentially a play on the Greeks, but with different names. The Egyptians had their own set of Gods, such as Horas and Ra. But the Parthenon that has made it the biggest impact on American pop culture have been the Norse. With Marvel’s endless string of comic book movies, names like Thor, Odin and Loki are common vernacular.

One of the lesser Known Norse Deities is Freyja. She is the Norse Goddess of love, beauty, fertility and gold and her name and likeness was borrowed by Las Cumbres Tobaccos owner Emma Viktorsson’s first solo blend and to pay homage to her ancestry. The Freyja is made in the Dominican Republic and comes with a Dominican ’98 Chriollo wrapper, Mexican San Andres binder and is filled with ’98 Chriollo, Dominican Piloto Cubano and Nicaraguan tobaccos. It also comes in four sizes: Corona Larga, Robusto, toro and box pressed toro/short churchill, with each cigars size being gifted with a name from Norse mythology. Today I chose to review the Freyja Thor’s Toro and is an impressive cigar at 6x54.

In the first third, the Freyja starts of with a complex kick of spice, fruit and some earthiness that is medium bodied and the flavors are very distinct. The draw in the first third was a little tight, but loosened up in the second third and the burn was consistently crooked, but never needed a touch up. The retrohale on the Freyja was smooth and nutty.

As I worked my way into the second third, the Freyja transitioned into a smooth, creamy flavor with hints of spice and earth. The construction improves significantly in the second third as the draw is effortless and the burn remains somewhat crooked, but still doesn’t need touching up. The cigar at this point has a medium body and is definitely full flavored.

In the final third, the Freyja finishes rather spicy with some hints of earth and a nutty retrohale. Overall, the Thor’s Toro is an extremely complex cigar, with distinct notes of spice, fruit, earth and cream. It finishes with medium-full bodied, full flavored and solid construction. An enjoyable smoke for anyone the likes intense amounts of flavor in the medium-full range.

Before wrapping it up, I have a couple news briefs: First, Friday, June 26th I will be covering the Espinosa event at Cigar Hustler in Deltona (ok, I’ll stop lying, I’m going to have fun) so come on out and smoke some cigars with me. Next, I want my readers to choose my next review! The choices are: The Opus X Destino Al Siglo, Espinosa Warzone Robusto or the Original San Lotano Oval. So, hit me up on Facebook and let me know what I should review next.

So that ends my review of the Freyja Thor’s Toro. Always remember, it’s your world, I’m just smoking in it.

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