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Five Tips to help you hire a competent home inspector

Hiring a reputable and skilled home inspector is surely an arduous task. If you do not follow a sequential process and are not smart enough

By Lauren WilliamsonPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Five Tips to help you hire a competent home inspector
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Hiring a reputable and skilled home inspector is surely an arduous task. If you do not follow a sequential process and are not smart enough, you might seek an incorrect inspection report. It will result in nothing but a waste of time and money, and so, you have to be conscious during the hiring process.

For your reference, we have sorted the best tips to implement during the inspector hiring process.

Perform due diligence when you screen the inspectors.

The hiring process of an inspector is similar to that of selecting a candidate for a particular job. Here, the task might seem like a one-time activity, but you will need a proficient person to handle it. Hence, when you have a list of home inspectors in your city, you are supposed to do a complete background check of their credentials.

The credentials to be evaluated include experience, expertise, reviews and ratings, licenses, insurance coverage, and so on. If you directly hire an inspector without checking their past work, you could be settling with an incompetent one.

Never ignore the references you have.

It is possible that a real estate agent, or a previous house owner, or a friend or cousin might refer to a Home inspector in Lithia. First, do not infer that the contact they have suggested is the most reliable one. You are supposed to know the credibility of the references and hence, you should not be relying on anyone blindly. On the same lines, never ignore such useful contacts. You will never know when you come across a competent home inspector amongst the recommendations.

It is better to do a background verification process of the references you seek for complete assurance. Sometimes, you might even need another home inspection. So, the more references you have, the better is for a complete house evaluation.

Search on the internet – the right way.

Internet searches are common to find daily essentials and to the home inspectors. But if you do not set the right filters and conduct an advanced search, the possibilities of hiring an unskilled inspector are higher. Hence, we suggest searching the internet by setting the filters of experience, location, license, and other details. In this way, you do not have to call each inspector and ask repetitive questions.

Scroll through the official website of the inspector before you shortlist them. A website provides full details of a professional and saves your effort and time.

Confirm the important details of a home inspector.

If any aspect is not mentioned clearly on the website of the inspector, it is your responsibility to confirm with the same. For instance, the home inspector has not specified the license or equipment, you can call them up and ask for the details. Even if the internet is a massive information resource, some details might get left out and those could be the crucial ones. Never neglect such elements and be assured of the inspector’s credibility before you hire him. Even a simple call can reveal critical details of a professional.

Discuss with the shortlisted home inspectors.

It is important to have an in-depth discussion with the inspectors you have shortlisted. This is the time when you ask questions about the exact home evaluation procedure, the equipment and tools they use, the work style they adopt, and the report they submit. If you want to go through a few samples, you can ask for the same in this step. But ensure that this discussion is not a mere formality and adds value to your hiring process.

When you know the above tips, you can implement them in your hiring process to find an excellent inspector.


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