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Five Reasons You Should Make a Pandemic Scrapbook

by Joyce Kay 2 months ago in crafts

Even the worst year has memories worth saving

Five Reasons You Should Make a Pandemic Scrapbook
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As we are getting to what I sincerely hope is the end of the pandemic, I have been wondering if there is anything from the past year that I want to save. The past year was a significant moment in history. It has taught us lessons about society and ourselves, that are going to shape us for the rest of our lives, and that we may one day want to share with the next generation.

It is this thought that has brought me to my kitchen table, where I am sitting with glue, paper, scissors, stickers, pens, paint, and tons of printed pictures, working on my very first scrapbook. It seems like scrapbooking is a hobby that is disappearing with my generation, but my mom loves it, so I am familiar with the concept. For some reason, I have more pictures on my phone from the past year, than I do from any other year. However, saving them in my phone for the rest of my life didn’t seem fitting to everything I had experienced in the past year. It can be easy to lose pictures on a phone, and I didn't want to lose my memories of the pandemic, because I have learned too much. I decided a scrapbook would be a great way for me to save everything that happened to me in the past year, and to tell my pandemic story.

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Are you wondering if you should make a pandemic scrapbook too? Keep reading for five reasons why it might just be the perfect way to bid farewell to the pandemic!

  1. You learned a new skill or started a new hobby during the pandemic. For me, I took up several new hobbies over the pandemic, including writing on Vocal. I have printed several of my stories, articles, and poems to include in my scrapbook. I am very proud of my writing, and exploring my creative side has been beneficial for me. I want to always remember that when I reflect on the past year. You should be proud of whatever you have learned or whatever projects you have started this past year, and documenting it in a scrapbook is a great way to celebrate.
  2. You had a life event that you want to document. I have experienced a lot of pain and sadness in the past year, but I also had two huge life events that were such positive experiences. I adopted a puppy, and I bought my first house. I am really proud of these accomplishments, because these are things I did completely on my own. I have seen lots of other people have babies, get engaged, get married, move across the world, get into the school of their dreams, graduate, get promoted, or start a business. If you fall into any of these categories, or if you have experience another positive life event in the past year that I haven’t listed, you might want to consider adding it to your pandemic scrapbook. What better way to move on from the pandemic than to celebrate something that gave your life meaning during it?
  3. You had some fun. I know it’s hard to admit that you had fun in a year where there was so much loss and anxiety, but it’s also beneficial to you. Did you have to isolate with your roommate or significant other? What did you do to pass the time? For me, I have spent the past year working from home, while my roommate also worked from home. The two of us have had some fun times! We have selfies of us doing facials, and selfies of us with my dog. There are pictures of the virtual game nights we did with some of our friends, including virtual escape rooms. We have pictures of our fabulous food creations: charcuterie, banana bread, and that whipped coffee drink that everyone was making last year. Putting those fun memories into a scrapbook will remind me that, even during a scary and uncertain time, I still found ways to have fun.
  4. You made a difference. Are you an essential worker, who has been bravely going to work throughout the course of the pandemic? Did you volunteer during the pandemic? I did a bit of volunteering during the pandemic, tutoring kids virtually who were struggling with online school. I have some scrap paper where I helped one student solve a math problem, and have added that page to my scrapbook, to remember that finding a way to give back to the community during the pandemic helped me to find value and meaning during a time where I was scared and isolated.
  5. You want to document history. We have experienced a moment in time that they will discuss in history classes in the future. A moment that is going to transform many social and economic policies, as well as how the world functions. I have printed sections from different magazines and news articles explaining the state of world at different stages of Covid-19. From the beginning where we didn’t know what was going on, to the middle where there was second and third waves, to the vaccines and the outlook starting to improve. I have even drawn a timeline of Covid-19 in my scrapbook. The story of Covid-19 is so interwoven with my story over the past year, that I wanted to include it in my scrapbook, so that when I look back I can remember the timing of what was going on in my life compared with how Covid-19 was progressing across the world.
By Joel Muniz on Unsplash

There are many other reasons to make a pandemic scrapbook, but the most important reason is that you want to! If you have something you experienced in the past year, big or small, good or bad, that you want to document forever, then go ahead and make that pandemic scrapbook!

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Joyce Kay
Joyce Kay
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