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Everything You Need To Know About Evaporative cooling

by Layla Flinn 2 years ago in house
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About Evaporative cooling

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We are the part of a sophisticated world that has made our lives far better as compared to the olden times. Several tools and equipment have been developed that makes one or the other work of human beings pretty easier. Today, people don’t have to rely on the weather changes to get their work done. Evaporation and condensation are the natural methods of calming down the extreme weather conditions. Since the olden times, people have obtained varied benefits from it. In the present scenario, the natural process of evaporation is mainly used in designing the household equipment to provide relaxation from the extreme weather.

Know how evaporative cooling system works

A portable unit of evaporative cooling uses effective evaporation techniques to cool down the air of the space where it is installed. When warm air strikes the liquid in the cooler, the heat energy is transferred into the water which leads to water vapour. The sensible heat in the air is transformed into the latent heat thereby lowering the overall temperature of the surrounding.

The modern coolers, however, have different structure despite the basic principle remains the same. The modern evaporative cooling system is composed of a fan and a pump for supplying water and a pad or membrane that helps in holding the water. The fan works in pulling the warm air which strikes over the pad and cools down the surrounding. The pad should contain adequate water all the time to ensure efficient cooling around the room.

What are the benefits of evaporative cooling?

Inexpensive installation and operational cost: Unlike all types of standard air conditioners, the installation cost of evaporative cooling is comparatively lower. Not only this, the operational cost is also minimal as it requires electricity for a proper functioning. On the other hand, while operating regular ACs, the energy bills can be quite higher. In other words, the cost of ACs are three times higher than the swamp coolers.

Provides fresh air: One of the chief benefits of installing evaporative coolers for getting fresh air circulated all over a room. If the airflow is consistent, the chances of growth of the pathogen decrease a lot. If the air circulation is efficient, one can breathe in fresh air which reduces any kind of fungal or bacterial build-up. It is quite effective for drier climates as evaporative cooling increases humidity as well. This is the reason why it is not ideal to operate the evaporative cooling system during the rainy season.

Easy maintenance: The design and features of evaporative coolers are not complex. Its main parts include the fan motor and water pump. Both can be repaired and replaced if it gets worn out. Using DIYer hack, it is easy to repair and clean it which further reduces the servicing cost. However, it is suggested to get it annually serviced for efficient functioning.

Environment-friendly: Other types of refrigerated cooling system add a serious impact on the environment. They not only dry up the air but even deplete the ozone layer. On the other hand, the evaporative cooling system is completely based on the natural process of evaporation which does not release any kind of foreign chemicals and elements into the air. Rather re-circulating the air, it replaces the stale one from the fresh air.

Keep your windows open: Unlike the regular air conditioners, you can allow the circulation of fresh air by opening the doors and windows without compromising the cooling factor. The advanced functionalities of evaporative cooling never let you experience a feeling of getting trapped under a suffocating room; instead it gives you a refreshed feel with cool breeze. .

Invest in the right option without compromising your budget and go with the evaporative cooling feel relaxed and chill out your day even in extreme weather conditions


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